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Quote1 Do you understand now? Your way is finished. People want something better. Something more pure. Soon they'll be ready to receive my gift. Quote2

Appearing in "Sins Rising: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Sins Rising: Part Two"

As Norah Winters covered the attack on ESU, she learned form witness accounts that Spider-Man had attempted to fend off the Lethal Legion from attacking an assembly and stealing the Catalyst, a new nuclear-alternative energy device, from the Empire State University renewable energy symposium. The Legion aimed to use the device to restore Count Nefaria's immortality and other powers. With Spider-Man's distraction by Overdrive's death and before the Lethal Legion overpowered him, Sin-Eater returned and proceeded to kill the legion one by one, cleansing them while stealing their powers. Too late to realize the latter, Spider-Man was turned to stone and made to watch Sin-Eater finish his objective. While Spider-Man was horrified by the sight of Sin-Eater killing Nefaria, the attendees instead applauded the act, seeing him as a new and better vigilante. Sin-Eater taunted Spider-Man that people wanted something "pure" to keep them safe. Afterward, Spider-Man visited a life support connected Overdrive to ask Carlie Cooper why others "cleansed" by Sin-Eater are in Ravencroft but not Overdrive. Norah later traveled to Ravencroft, having found Norman Osborn instated as head administrator under Fisk's orders, but Norman allowed her to interview the Lethal Legion, as they were model inmates. After her peaceful interviews, she called Jonah to inform him of her progress, ready to return to the TNM office. However, Sin-Eater appeared behind her in her car and a gun shot then occurred.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Lethal Legion returns to threaten the Big Apple, and only the Sin Eater can save us?

• How can Spider-Man stop the murderous vigilante and… should he?

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