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Quote1.png Together, our will will be made real. Together--- we will build a world without Sin. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Sins Rising: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Sins Rising: Part Three"

When Sin-Eater surprised Norah Winters in her car, she shot him point blank in his chest, doing little damage. Instead of killing her, Sin-Eater agreed to an interview to record his manifesto: as his return by someone greater to cleanse the world, he needed the help of the people. Norah later showed the recording to an apprehensive Jonah, yet despite Jonah's stance against spreading Sin-Eater's message, Norah still posted it with thousands of New Yorkers viewing it. Learning of the video, Spider-Man was disheartened by notable number of civilians siding with Sin-Eater.

In the hospital room, Carlie Cooper recounted to Spider-Man James Beverly's return to life: upon awakening, James wanted to confess to his involvement with the Demons killing police officers a week earlier. After taking his statement, an old detective friend of Carlie's father arrived with two officers and, while she talked with the detective, she realized too late that he was occupying her as the other two were killing James. Carlie arrived barely in time to save him, and the officers involved were not charged as James Beverly was legally declared dead. As Carlie blamed herself for blindly trusting them, she explained to Spider-Man that, because of her father's circumstances, she could readily believe how horrible some people become.

Despite Peter believing some people can be better than what Sin-Eater thinks, he acknowledged that people are not being brainwashed, but rather Sin-Eater was offering them a chance to unleash themselves and bring harm onto others. Spider-Man tracked Sin-Eater's patchwork confederacy to a greenhouse in Union Square, all offered the power he promised in an army of people out for blood. As a stranger arrived begging for cleansing, Spider-Man intervened to save them, but was overpowered by Stanley's usurped powers. Using his victory before his makeshift army, Sin-Eater taunted Spider-Man that he will be made to know how the civilians feel, and that his summoner gave him a name to target next.

Meanwhile at Ravencroft, the inmates riot in fear and panic. While being suppressed, Nefaria called out to Norman Osborn, stating that he was next for Sin-Eater.

Solicit Synopsis


• Sin Eater has leveled up and is looking for more sins to eat.

• His new target? A place with plenty of sins to go around: Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane.

• Spider-Man faces a conundrum he hasn’t faced before, and it is messing him up.

• We are one month from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN LGY #850 and it is going to be a doozy.

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