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Quote1 I think we all know what has to be done here--We have to stop Spider-Man. Quote2
Madame Web

Appearing in "Sins Rising: Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Sins Rising: Part Four"

Sin-Eater's army massacred many across New York, purging whomever they deem guilty of sin, whether amid their own ranks or civilians subjected to the accuser's prejudices. Both Spider-Men fought off an influx of Sin-Eater followers, but one of the defeated preached his master's targeting the greatest of sinners: Norman Osborn. Alone, Peter told Miles his being conflicted, given all the tragedy and evil Norman inflicted on him over the years, and how much he's come to hate him. Given his victims, Miles suggested letting Sin-Eater "cleanse" Norman, while Peter refused, still not knowing the full story about his motives or return. While Miles understood Peter's reasoning, he didn't know all that much about this Norman as the one he remembered was back home and killed his world's Peter. Miles refused to allow history repeat across universes, and promised to help Peter. At Ravencroft, Norman dismissed his security captain's concerns for evacuating with Sin-Eater's army out front and the patients acting crazed; alluding to a patient in a super-max vault as a "weapon" to counter the invasion if needed.

As Spider-Man web swung to Ravencroft, he pondered when his bad luck would end, or if Norman's had done so already. He texted Gwen to meet him at a subway and battled another group of Sin-Eater's army. After webbing them up, he contemplated the losses Norman inflicted on him, talking with Gwen about the night Norman killed his Gwen. Peter talked about how he swore to kill Norman for causing her death, and wondered if she was still waiting for him to. Given how she was the closest thing to Peter's Gwen he can ask for advice, she told him that despite how his Gwen died, she owned the choices she made in her life, and advised Peter to make his choice for his life with how he wants to deal with Norman. Outside the front gates, Sin-Eater called on his army to kill Norman and he disseminated his cursed powers onto them, charging on the asylum. Being escorted to safety, Norman's guard was knocked unconscious by Sin-Eater's forces and left all alone.

While asking why it was always Norman, Spider-Man was met by Julia Carpenter, talking with him guided by the Great Web. She knew Peter well enough that, despite his pain and hatred, he wouldn't choose vengeance, nor will he allow Sin-Eater to "cleanse" Norman as the truth behind that is still unclear and sinister. Given the lives Norman took, bystanders to loved ones, and how Sin-Eater could easily cleanse Norman to make him a good human being, Peter still wouldn't allow it despite Julia's affirmation that Norman would kill again. Questioning how long before Norman would again kill another loved one, thinking of Mary Jane resolved him to charge Ravencroft, plow through the Sin-Eater's troops, and save Norman- having punched him to affirm his intent.

Outside, Gwen and Miles meet up with Julia, each hoped they'd reached him. Cindy and Jessica arrive with Anya, all of them having seen Peter still saved Norman, irregardless of the villain's evil repetition. As Julia explained that Peter had made his choice, their collective choice was clear: to stop Spider-Man from saving Norman Osborn.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spider-Man has been pushed harder than he has in a very long time and in ways he has never been before.

• How far can he be pushed before he breaks?

• Who he has to face this issue is going to answer that very clearly as we are one issue from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN LGY #850!

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