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Appearing in "Back to Basics: Part Five"

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Synopsis for "Back to Basics: Part Five"

Afraid and unsure, Peter does what he should have in the first place and went to Mary Jane for consult. Although originally happy there was more time with Peter, reflection on his not being Spider-Man would become a lie to himself as that's who he is, and part of why she fell in love with him was his heroism. With no access to the lab at the moment and his relationship with Felicia tenuous, despite her return to vigilantism, Peter recalled Boomerang and talked about the Accelerator enough to have Fred steal it and Peter stole it in turn. But as he readied to blast the laissez-faire Spider-Man, an army of Tri-Sentinels flew overhead into Manhattan. In his bunker, Mendel Stromm was laughing maniacally that his plan had worked, but the mysterious entity that aided him killed him as payment of their deal.

As Spider-Man runs to save himself, Peter sacrifices himself to save him from a blast, who confessed to having turned off his Spider-Sense. Fatally wounded, Peter tried in futility to ask Spider-Man to merge back, and crashed the Accelerator down upon them with a well aimed web thwip. Just before the merging finalized, Spider-Man told Peter to accept the dark times but also to enjoy himself with his powers and being a superhero. Once more whole, Peter as Spider-Man successfully called on the the Spider-Bot to battle the other Tri-Sentinels while hacking into their collective signal. In control of the Tri-Sentinels, Spider-Man then reached Stromm's hideout in the Life Foundation bunker, but found him dying. On his last breath, Stromm told Spider-Man to "guess his name" just before the Tri-Sentinels repeat the phrase and kamikaze strike the bunker, destroying themselves and the Master Mold.

Distracted by events, Peter was reminded by Mary Jane that the day was saved and it was their time to be together. Complying, Peter cozied up with her despite feeling something was amiss and that his troubles had only started. In Federal custody, Taskmaster and Black Ant are met by DHS Agent Garrett Stone, and both took turns berating him in comparison to SHIELD Agents. Upon mentioning their leave, Taskmaster's hovercraft blew a hole in their holding cell, with Taskmaster commenting on their patron playing a bigger game. In Africa, Bob begged for his life, surprisingly earning the pity of his pursuer, who revealed to Bob that he was Kraven the Hunter.

Solicit Synopsis

• Things look bad for Peter Parker…

• …but GREAT for Spider-Man!

• The first arc of the epic new run on ASM comes to a climactic finish!

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