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Quote1 I have to do something. These people are my friends. Some of them put that Spider on because of me. A couple of them are kids. My point is-- this is my responsibility. Quote2

Appearing in "Last Remains: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Last Remains: Part Two"

In the Sanctum, the possessed Silk nearly overwhelms Spider-Man until Doctor Strange intervenes and captures her. As Strange demands "Sin-Eater" release his hold on Cindy, Kindred is surprised that Peter has been withholding information. Spider-Man tells Strange that this demon isn't Sin-Eater, but a being named Kindred, who states that Peter has been running from his sins for so long that he doesn't want to face them or know how to stop. As Kindred controls Julia's precognitive powers, Kindred through Cindy demands that Peter confess to his sins, even forcefully morphing Cindy's body in order to coerce him. Peter, unaware of what Kindred really wants, begs him to stop hurting his friends. Kindred obliges and restores Cindy's body, wanting an in-person meeting instead as he commands Silk to fly away.

Peter immediately apologizes to Strange for lying, ashamed to admit that he felt OK with his actions in Ravencroft, but knows that Kindred is doing this to his friends because of his involvement. He says how every villain he's fought has used his loved ones against him during his career, wanting that to stop and vows to face Kindred himself. Strange agrees and readies a countermeasure in the Hand of the Vishanti, for Peter to use his aura as a spider totem against Julia's powers. The spell fails. Strange asks Peter if he's ever made a mystical arrangement he was unaware of, but then deems such a thing as an obvious impossibility. He tells Peter that he cannot use the Hand, but promises to help the other Spiders before casting him out.

Peter soon meets Felicia Hardy, who he actually went to before Strange, having known the good doctor would have a solution... but knowing Strange would also have a certain way of going about things, asked Felicia to steal the Hand of the Vishanti in order to use it after Strange would inevitably send him away. Using a voice recording of the incantation that Felicia also acquired, Peter enters the astral realm into his personal Dreamscape, but finds it in an empty ruin compared to last time. Peter then finds a dream version of Mary Jane, but as she says "yes" to an unknown question, he sees Kindred take her away; Peter asks himself why he can't ever stop the nightmares from happening.

Kindred tells Peter he knows it was hard on him, but also knew Peter would pick himself back up. As Peter digs his way out of a grave like before, Kindred narrates how he and the "others" have been waiting for him. As Kindred describes the course of events that have lead to now, Peter finally encounters Kindred in-person, who has set up a dinner party and placed the corpses of the (deceased) loved ones from Peter's life in attendance!

Solicit Synopsis


• "LAST REMAINS" continues as Spider-Man seeks help from Doctor Strange. <SPOILER ALERT> it's not going to be enough.

• Spider-Man does what many would find unthinkable to take the fight to Kindred.

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