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Quote1 Has anyone ever told you how exhausting you are, madam? Quote2
Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Appearing in "Fallen Order: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Fallen Order: Part Two"

Stan Carter wakes up to find himself still alive, regaining the memories of when he killed his partner. His few remaining followers had found him, confirming that he cleansed Norman Osborn and achieved his "master plan", showing the TNM livestream of the Order of the Web attacking Chinatown. While reports them as fakes, the Spider heroes come into conflict with the New Warriors, who are soon defeated as the Spiders leave for another location. As the news asks where Spider-Man is, Felicia views the livestream in her apartment, wondering the same. Doctor Strange soon arrives demanding back the Hand of the Vishanti, and upon taking it away only finds it is merely a 3D replica. Felicia promises to return the real thing if she is allowed to help Strange save Spidey's soul.

Morlun (Earth-001) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 51

Morlun returns

As Mary Jane rides on the Brooklyn Bridge, she thinks about how this "promotional visit" is really an excuse to see Peter and tell him about the recent events that occurred while making her film. Seeing a news alert about Ravencroft for Spider-Man's fight with Sin-Eater and Green Goblin, Mary Jane chooses not to resign to stress, asking her driver Kenny to make a detour for lunch. Unfortunately, the possessed Spider heroes attack the bridge she is on, working to destroy several cables holding up the bridge and endangering hundreds. After a car impacts hers, Mary Jane tries to stay conscious and screams for help, allowing National Guard troops to find her and Kenny for rescue. Norman Osborn finds her and Mary Jane faints from her injuries at the sight of him.

Sin-Eater prays to Kindred for forgiveness, knowing that he failed him, and affirms his conviction to create a world without sin. Returning to his followers and beating a dissenter to death, he announces that the sins he previously cleansed now possess the Spiders. Planning to kill the Spiders, ironically unaware he's plotting against Kindred, Sin-Eater seeks the powers of someone born to hunt them, Morlun, currently traversing New York City's sewer system eating actual spiders for food.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Order of the Web has to find a way to help Peter Parker!

• But someone is on their trail that is not going to make their quest easy!

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