Quote1.png You are -- as always -- the cause of your own suffering. Quote2.png
-- Kindred

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Synopsis for "Last Remains: Part Three"

Finally encountering Kindred, a monster stalking him in dreams and recent villain actions, Peter is both terrified and enraged by the villain's dinner set up. Peter identifies the loved ones who died in his life morbidly arranged in attendance, provoking him to attack Kindred for his desecration of their remains. Peter is easily overwhelmed and thrashed about, asking who Kindred is; the demon merely answering all that matters is who he is now, not who he was. Kindred brutalizes Peter, blaming him for his own suffering and stating that all of Peter's sins were housed in the other Spiders, who continue to attack New York. Peter is devastated to see his friends act out as monsters, hurting and potentially killing people. As Gwen is made to throw Miles off a bridge, Peter frantically cries that Kindred stop what he's doing to them and kill him in place of their suffering. When Kindred accepts, he frees the Order clean of the sins he coerced into them. Owing to his end of the deal, Kindred then snaps Peter's neck, stating they will go and face the truth together.

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• Kindred shows Spider-Man his true power, and Spidey sees how much trouble he’s in.

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