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Quote1 I -- I understand why you hate me -- I deserve it -- but, Mary Jane, you must believe me -- this isn't about me. This is about Peter and Harry. Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Fallen Order: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Fallen Order: Part Three"

After Kindred cleansed the Order, they awaken on the devastated Brooklyn Bridge, with the civilians who witnessed their carnage escaping from them. Doctor Strange arrives and uses magic to stabilize the bridge and protect all the people thereon. As the Order piece together what happened, Felicia arrives with Doctor Strange's astral form, his multitasking their being informed with fixing the bridge. Once they gather at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Julia fast tracks the planning stage by telling Strange of his future plan of using the Hand of the Vishanti to track Kindred by way of their connection to Peter and his to theirs. Doing so, Strange stations Felicia on the mortal plane to guard the Hand, their only way to return. On the Astral Plane, Strange finds it curious the realm is in such disarray, telling the others to stay close; unaware of Mary Jane's astral copy watching them from a vantage point.

At the Ravencroft Institute, Mary Jane recovers from her injuries in Kafka's office with Norman Osborn, and beats him with a lamp in response to his approaching her. To have her understand, Norman explains Sin-Eater cleansing him and Kindred is really Harry. With Ashley Kafka confirming Norman's honesty of goodness, Mary Jane still distrusts them, as last she saw Harry he was well and ALIVE. But Norman asserts it is Harry, yet he is reluctant to explain the full truth would only hurt them more. Norman cites Peter's nightmares and Mary Jane's own feelings of a looming threat at night, as those feelings were Kindred. That the only way to stop Harry was to rely on Mary Jane's help.

Elsewhere, Sin-Eater orders his followers to rob from a vault which contained one of the Spider-Queen's Spider morphing bio-weapon, which transformed New York into Spider-Island a while back. Although eradicated, Sin-Eater needed the last few vials they kept for study to ready his trap for Morlun. He does so by exposing his followers to the samples, mutating them into Arachnoids. As Morlun wanders the sewers, having escaped his confinement and killed his captors, he smells the Spider morphed followers which compels him to run to their location in starved fervor.

Solicit Synopsis


• Doctor Strange is now bound to this Kindred problem and he recruits someone to help.

• Even with Strange and his recruit, the Order of the Web will be lucky if they survive!

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