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Synopsis for "Last Remains: Part Four"

While Liz Allan sleeps, Kindred enters Normie's room and reminisces on his past, how as a boy he was able to sleep through even a thunderstorm. Seeing Normie doing the same, he pats the boy's head goodnight before returning to his tomb where he is keeping Peter's body.

Peter "awakens" in Aunt May's House, soon remembering the very day that it was: the surprise party for Harry's return from Europe at his penthouse. When Peter greets Flash Thompson, he sees Mary Jane across the way but is shushed quiet as Harry arrives to the party. As Peter tries going to Mary Jane, he is prevented by other guests obstructing his path, and is met by Harry introducing Lily Hollister. Just as Peter helplessly sees Mary Jane leave the party, Harry repeats what he said that day with a one-word difference this time: "You know the worst thing about Hell, fellas? The parties suck." Peter starts to realize what is happening, as Harry demands Peter repeat what he had said that day before he gave his toast: "Speak of the devil and he appears."

Kindred then brings Peter back to life, and tells him that he must've known the truth, as Peter refuses to believe it. Kindred tells him to accept it because the two of them have work to do, because what's even more important than who Kindred is, is what he wants. Kindred removes the bandages over his face in the form of a mask. Kindred is Harry Osborn, and Peter hears the line that haunted him years ago. "Gotcha".

Solicit Synopsis


• If you think you’ve seen a brutal Spider-Man fight before, you are wrong.

• Do not miss this issue.


  • The dream Peter has is a retelling of Amazing Spider-Man #545.
  • When Harry was the Green Goblin, he often used the phrase "Gotcha!" to mess with Peter. In Spectacular Spider-Man #189, he ominously gave Peter and MJ a jack-in-the-box. Peter expected it to be a bomb, but when he used it, a Green Goblin doll merely popped out with a sign reading "Gotcha!" on it. More severely, in Amazing Spider-Man #389, after Peter's parents had seemingly returned to life, they were revealed months later to be robots and died in his arms. The truth behind the mystery led to a recording of Harry, in his Goblin mask, revealing he devised the whole scheme and saying "Gotcha!" In Amazing Spider-Man Family #4, a story taking place just before the party for Harry that's retold in this issue, Peter learns that Harry is still alive. Yet he almost refuses to accept Harry back into his life, reliving flashbacks of the Goblin saying "Gotcha!" over and over again.

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