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Quote1 I smell zealotry on you. Zealotry-- and delusion. Quote2

Appearing in "Fallen Order: Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Fallen Order: Part Four"

As Morlun races in a starved ambition to the Spider mutated followers, once he finishes his meal does he meet Sin-Eater, who accuses him of his sin of Gluttony. But while Morlun is complementary at first, when Sin-Eater shows his aim to kill Morlun, the Inheritor responds with strikes from his revitalized claws. As Morlun easily overwhelms him, he smells the zealotry and delusion on Stanley's soul, and is intrigued in consuming it as his "nightcap" from the spiders. Fueled by survival instinct and unsure if he still has the power to takes Morlun's abilities without Kindred's blessing, he triggers a trap shotgun before he can be killed that shoots Morlun in the back, seemingly killing him.

As the Order and Strange navigate Peter's Dreamscape in the Astral Plane, Strange notes the desolate realm only reflects the state of Peter's soul. As Peter only recently passed by, his recent path is hidden so they split into groups to find an exit to Peter. While Julia talks with Gwen, disappointed in herself and Peter all because Norman played him for his need to protect her- a feeling she is unaccustomed to being from another reality, and compared to his Gwen. Julia defends Peter's position as all the death and loss made him feel responsible for with each defeat, driven by instinct to win and save more lives next time. Their talk is abruptly ended by a demon assassin, while Miles, Cindy and Anya are attacked as well by a demonic Kaiju Fisk. As both groups fight, Strange arrives with Jess and resolves the issue, finding the portal they seek. However, the demon posing as Mary Jane arrives to prevent them, so Strange stays behind as they hurry forth. On the other side of the portal, the Order arrive at Kindred's graveyard, Sin-Eater hides behind a large tombstone with shotgun in hand, awaiting they closing the distance.

Solicit Synopsis


• Another classic Spider-Man villain gets pulled into the most soul-shaking Spider-Man story ever. You won’t believe what you read, and it will break your heart.

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