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Quote1.png Dying is easy. It's something that's done to us. But in Hell, we're not punished for the sins of others-- we are tortured by our own. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Last Remains: Part Five"

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Synopsis for "Last Remains: Part Five"

As Peter doesn't want to believe Harry is a monster, he tries talking him down but is attacked, as Harry aims to "stop" Peter. Finding Harry's motivation cliché, Peter is momentarily relieved he wasn't some all powerful demonic entity, and notes to his former friend how he is always the first suspect whenever something evil happens that wants Spider-Man dead. But Harry corrects Peter's misunderstanding: he doesn't want him dead but rather to understand something. He is no longer chained by his demons and issues with Norman, now a literal demon and aims to show Peter the absence of hope and light. Dressed as Kindred again, Harry kills and revives Peter numerous times, forcing him to relive his life with each flash of death.

Kindred's identity.

After many kills and revivals, he shows Peter that dying is easy but the punishment in Hell is suffering your personal sins. Kindred rebukes Peter's claims about targeting his loved ones, all that was on Peter. Kindred revived Sin-Eater to end Norman, but Peter chose to save him out of his "knowing" what was best. But upon Peter realizing the sins Norman had and his never stopping to be a threat, he instead chose to bury them by letting Norman be cleansed by Sin-Eater. From that act, the Spiders were possessed by Norman and Stanley's collected evil, and Peter tried making a bargain to avoid the facing the consequences. As Kindred narrates about Peter's hubris, he shows on his mirrors that Sin-Eater cleansed Morlun, lying in wait and ready to ambush the Spiders as they arrive at his cemetery.

A frantic Peter brings up their deal, to which Kindred notes that he had kept his end of the deal, that their arrival was an unintended consequence of Peter's actions and thus doesn't absolve him. Since they came for Peter, Kindred asks his confused old friend what else he did to bring unintended suffering onto others. Kindred urges the begging Peter to answer quickly, presenting on a large mirror display that Mary Jane is entering his cemetery.

Solicit Synopsis


• The punishment of Spider-Man at the hands of Kindred continues.

• But Kindred isn’t just punishing Spider-Man anymore...


  • When Harry as Kindred repeatedly kills and revives Peter, one of the kills is by breaking Peter's back in a scene similar to how Bane broke Batman's back during the 1993 storyline "Knightfall".

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