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Quote1.png Let's be clear here, Norman. The only reason I am doing any of this is because I know Peter is in danger. I can feel that in my bones--and Harry, despite whatever he's done--is my friend. I want to help him. Because I know whatever he's become, it's because of what you did to him. What you did to all of us, you walking poison. So don't think even a single thing I do here constitutes forgiveness, or even tolerance, of you. I don't buy this act for a second. You know why? Peter has all these... villains. Most of them are just ignored, angry failure-to-launch types who put on a costume to make the world think they're something scarier than they are. But not you, Norman. Like I said, I'm an actress. I know when someone's putting on a show. You've always been the monster. The goblin is the real you. That skin is just how you hide in plain sight. Quote2.png
Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "Fallen Order: Part Five"

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  • Humans (Main story and recap)
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Synopsis for "Fallen Order: Part Five"

Mary Jane thinks back to the time Harry was Green Goblin[1] on the bridge where Gwen died,[2] his losing his grip on sanity, and her attempts to keep him together. Mary Jane's reminiscing ends when Norman tells her they've arrived at the Osborn family cemetery, Kindred's cemetery, giving her an earpiece to communicate with. While Norman tries being apologetic, Mary Jane wants no recompense from him as her goal is to help Peter sensing his endangerment, and save Harry since their friends, blaming any evil he's become on Norman's treatment of him in life. As compared to Peter's other villains, people who failed on their own and went bad, Norman was always a monster hiding in plain sight.

The alliance of Goblin and Kingpin.

As Kindred taunts Peter with Mary Jane's arrival, he also shows Sin-Eater's encounter with the Order of the Web, narrating the futility of Peter's "fight to the end" philosophy. The Order of the Web find the Sin-Eater, who tells them that the sins he gathered possessed them into rampaging across New York City, and he aims to reclaim those sins. In the ensuing fight, they find he is more powerful than before, with Jess noting that his syphoning her life force is Morlun's power.

Too strong to fight, Gwen asks for Julia to give them a vision of a victory, in which one vision leads Julia to let Stanley kill her and take her powers. The clairvoyant Stanley shares a vision with the Spiders of Mary Jane and Peter with Kindred, things going south, and Norman's evil. He goes mad from seeing the truth, calling all he's done a lie and killing himself with his own shotgun. From Stanley's death, Julia resuscitates with her powers returned but too late to warn the others to run, as Kindred arrives and captures them all.

Elsewhere, Norman is greeted by Fisk and his men, revealing he played Mary Jane into a trap and was never cleansed by Sin-Eater. Everything since Ravencroft was a trap by the two masterminds to kill Kindred, and punish him for what he did to them during his machinations against Spider-Man.

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• The Order of the Web faces Sin-Eater. And if you saw what Sin-Eater did to Spider-Man in ASM #49, you know just how much trouble the other Spiders are in!

• Also, what is Mary Jane Watson’s part in “Last Remains”? Don’t miss this chapter that raises her stakes by about a million times!


  • The opening pages of the issue are reprint pages from Spectacular Spider-Man #200 where Harry Osborn was the Green Goblin, shortly before his death in the same issue.
  • At the end of the issue, Editor Nick Lowe gives a disclaimer on the seriousness of suicide given Sin-Eater's own act, and offers the number for the prevention hotline before moving on to promote issue 55.

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