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Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Civil War Vol 1 1 0001
Peter Parker
Quote1 None of this adds up... Holding a grudge about some mistake I may have made years ago?! Agonizing over some college breakup?! The Harry Osborn I knew moved past all this--built his own life, started a family of his own. This can't be it. This can't be what you want me to confess to. Quote2
Gabriel Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 50 001
Quote1 Hh. No, no, of course not, Pete. You know this runs much deeper than that. Quote2
Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Civil War Vol 1 1 0001
Peter Parker
Quote1 So--what, then?! Just tell me, and I'll say it! What I did, however I wronged you--I'm sorry. What ever caused you to turn yourself into this-- Quote2
Gabriel Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 50 001
Quote1 Turn--turn... myself? YOU DID THIS TO ME! Quote2

Appearing in "Last Remains: Part Six"

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Synopsis for "Last Remains: Part Six"

Harry as Kindred narrates Spider-Man (Peter Parker)'s paradoxically being a "loner" but inspiring other Spider heroes, and reasoned that he made a "family;" so the demon presents them at the dinner table with Peter at the master seat. Harry doesn't want to stop as the Spiders are signs of Peter's described selfishness drawing in others to die.

Gabriel Stacy (Earth-616), Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Order of the Web (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 55 001

The dinner organized by Kindred for Spider-Man after so long

Gwen just demands he kill them if that's his aim, as none of them asked Peter's permission for the icon. Taking a moment to accept her distinction from his Gwen, Harry notes Peter's focus is still on Mary Jane entering the cemetery then the tomb. She acknowledges she knows Harry's identity, and Peter in a protective rage breaks free to punch a hole straight through Harry's skull. He is caught as Harry readies to kill Peter again in front of Mary Jane to restate his power, but she remains calm and convinces Harry stop since he wanted dinner. He complies as she also convinces Peter to sit down as well, with a gleeful Harry removing his mask. Outside, Norman radios Fisk and his men that Mary Jane got to Harry.

As Harry reminisces on fond times how each of them had dreams in their early university years, he brings up how Gwen's break up with Peter had Mary Jane being "done with him." Peter berates Harry as those times were full of heartbreak and drama, including Harry's drug problem, reminding him of the hospitalization when he overdosed. Harry shifts to his father as the Green Goblin that, as Peter's motive was protecting that secret, he was enraged that Peter made a unilateral choice. As with Norman's amnesia making him forget his time being the Goblin, Harry observes Peter's secret identity was renewed and chastises him that- instead of asking for psychiatric or familial aid- Peter just sent Norman on his way. To Harry, Peter's negligence left Norman free to bring Gwen's death and all the chaos in their lives thereafter. As Kindred readies to kill the other Spiders, Peter points out Harry wanted his confession but never got it, so he apologizes for whatever caused Harry to do this to himself.

As he attacks Peter, Mary Jane tells Harry that Peter doesn't remember, as he would confess if it saves everyone there, and tells him about her thinking of that night he originally died. She brings up his trust and friendship, still hoping there is any left. Yet Harry still believes Peter will hurt her, like he did that night, and wants to kill him. She apologizes for her own behavior in those days, asking forgiveness in whatever part she played, asking that he kill her instead since it will make Peter suffer more like he wanted. He reluctantly accepts and readies to kill Mary Jane, only for Norman to enter as Green Goblin stating that the choice isn't his. Harry is flustered to find Norman in his tomb, chastising Harry for not planning for his father's countermeasures, and capitalizes on the surprise by throwing a Pumpkin Bombs to mortally wound Mary Jane.

Harry attacks his father, enraged Norman would try to kill someone he cared about again, as Norman signals Fisk to activate his trap. As the tomb quakes, a supernatural darkness engulfs the building and everyone inside, scaring even Kindred. Peter holds the hurt Mary Jane in his arms, but she promises not to leave him anytime soon, as the two share a near kiss when the darkness fully takes the tomb.

Solicit Synopsis


• “LAST REMAINS” ends and will make you look at Spider-Man differently. It’ll make Peter look at himself differently.

• If you thought the buildup TO Kindred was intense, the fallout FROM Kindred is even more devastating.



  • The dinner scene that Kindred organized with the Spider family is reminiscent of the Batman's storyline, Death of the Family.

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