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Quote1 Norman Osborn! You and I need to talk. Quote2

Appearing in "Last Remains: Post-Mortem, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Last Remains: Post-Mortem, Part 1"

Some time ago, Norman Osborn informs Wilson Fisk to knowing where Kindred's home base is, and the two form a plan for capturing and ending him. Fisk shows Norman his "Project: Blank," which uses The Spot as a power source. Fisk had developed Blank after the Darkforce Dome over Manhattan, as The Spot shares the same power source and can be perfect for incarcerating Kindred. 24 Hours earlier, the Pumpkin Bombs Norman threw at Mary Jane was a flash bang and she whispered that fact to Peter as part of the act. When Norman battled Kindred, Fisk uses the Spot and activated the device to successfully capture Kindred. With the tomb coming down, Peter and Mary Jane kiss before working to evacuate the other Spider heroes, and Peter raced into the fray with Kindred and Norman. When Peter got involved, Kindred explained that he wanted Peter to realize he caused his own suffering, and told Norman that he removed the Goblin so he'd know pain. But as they still don't know what he wants them to remember, and tearfully tells them he loved them but asked why they condemned him to his current fate. Norman tells Peter to wear his mask and hide from Fisk, so he can preserve his secret identity.

Now, Norman holds Kindred in a Darkforce field casing, with the Ravencroft Institute staff monitoring and containing him with magic. On receiving a report of Kindred's condition, the field is holding as he isn't fighting it, instead he is staying in a trance. When Fisk arrives to thank Norman and gloat at finally have Kindred in his grasp, Norman convinces Fisk to allow him the first chance to interrogate Kindred as per their deal. When alone, Norman states himself to really have been cleansed by Sin-Eater but had to act the villain again, as it was his only way to save him from Fisk. He tells him that he informed Mary Jane via her earpiece and used his hatred for him to keep his attention, and Norman couldn't allow Harry to kill so many innocents knowing that somewhere inside his soul is his original self deeply buried.

Norman regrets having birthed a sickness of the mind into Harry, and promises to find a way to free him of it, just as his use of Sin-Eater cleared his mind. Norman also tells him that all the cleansed villains regained their sins and powers upon Stanley's death, and the inmates of Ravencroft wreaked havoc across New York. As Norman continues to thank Harry, as he remains still cleansed and wants to work to a better future for themselves and Harry's children. In doing so, they can redeem the Osborn family name, and promises to find the truth that he was speaking of, but is then startled by Spider-Man's sudden arrival, demanding to speak with him.

Elsewhere, as Carlie Cooper hails a taxi, she is stunned to find her driver is James Beverley. Having released himself on his own recognizance, he asks her to dinner and tells her that he was sincere that day in the morgue, he wanted to be a good guy but made bad choices. When he met Carlie, he realized that she save his life and wants to take her out to dinner as thanks for all the good she showed him; she'll go for coffee, and he drives her to a coffee shop for their 'date'. At the F.E.A.S.T. Center, Randy Robertson helps May set up food stores while talking about a lunch with Janice, despite Randy ending it with her and May still not knowing who she is; while May insists considering Janice helped stock FEAST for a year. Upon answering a knock on the door, May finds "Martin Li" running for his life and begging for shelter.

Solicit Synopsis


• You will never look at Norman or Harry Osborn the same again.

• We know SPIDER-MAN won’t.

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