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Quote1 There's no getting around it. These last few days? I've been to Hell and back. Scratch that-- I'm not back at all. Now it's just all around me. I take it with me, everywhere I go. My sins are just lingering-- like old ghosts, haunting me. No, not ghosts-- Demons. And it's time I faced them. Quote2

Appearing in "Negative Space (Part One)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and recap)
  • Demons (Only in recap)
  • Centipedes (Only in recap)





Synopsis for "Negative Space (Part One)"

At the FEAST Project, May is giving shelter to "Martin Li" who feels ashamed to need her help given his past criminal acts and his treatment of her. He explains to May that his "balance" with Mister Negative was really his submitted control to the villainous aspect of his psyche, so he sought out Sin-Eater with his turn in control and successfully had Mister Negative cleansed from him. However, his freedom was short-term with Negative returning, but Martin managed to cast him out again and ran for the FEAST shelter for aid.

Meanwhile, Peter sees Liz Allan, clearly unaware of Harry having a relapse to his villainous activities, and he keeps his being Kindred to a minimum so she doesn't know the full extent and his being Spider-Man. When he starts to ask about his behavior, she asks his meaning and he tells her the whole story much to her disbelief. Liz has kept perpetual watch for warning signs, but little Normie comes in and confirms the information but Liz tells him they're "pretending." Seeing Normie angry about it her lying, Peter reflects that he grew up too fast, but both are shocked when Normie reveals Harry's secret Goblin Glider and arsenal behind the closet. While Liz is upset, Peter is confused about Harry stocking up on Goblin tech when he was Kindred, but as he offers to move her and the kids to a safe location, Norman makes a surprise arrival.

Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Inner Demons (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 58 001

Spider-Man vs Inner Demons.

Asking to talk with Peter in private, revealing he had his loved ones under surveillance while Peter is emphatic he leave them alone. Norman gets his attention by explaining that while monitoring Fisk, he overheard him permitting an attack for organized crime members at the FEAST shelter, prompting Peter to rush out as Spider-Man to reach May to protect her. At the FEAST shelter, Martin feels his sins outside which cannot enter so it sent the Inner Demons, and find Spider-Man arriving in time to keep them from being found by the criminals. As he fights, Peter reflects on his encounter with Kindred while removed from his quipping nature and using their augmented durability to vent his emotions on them.

In Ravencroft, Fisk talks to Kindred of their first encounter in the Paris catacombs, where the demon killed his guides and wrought torment on him. Fisk is interrupted by one of Mister Negative's Lieutenants and still incensed they invited chaos into his city, but as Fisk warns the criminal to mind what he offers in exchange, the Inner Demon promises to help Fisk with his hidden agenda, as he will need more than just the Tablet of Life and Destiny.

Solicit Synopsis

• One era of Nick Spencer’s run comes to a shocking end this issue…

• But the seeds that he’s planted along the way for the next start to bloom.

• Don’t miss this pivotal issue!

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