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Quote1 I have to be that trusting. And so do you. If we don't have hope that people can become better, what hope is there for us? Quote2
May Parker

Appearing in "Negative Space (Part Two)"

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Synopsis for "Negative Space (Part Two)"

As "Martin Li" recounts his criminal origins in human trafficking, killing the real Martin Li to take his name, a now cleansed man finds his sins pursuing him as they have 'defined' who he was and is. May cares to a small extent while focusing on escaping with recently discovered crawl spaces- which she now realizes he used for smuggling. As Spider-Man fights the Inner Demons, he angrily wonders if he'll even have answers to his questions of why and how Harry became the Kindred tormenting everyone he loves. He finds himself overworked, emotionally taxed and lost in self-pity, only to snap out of it with an Inner Demon finds and holds May hostage until "Martin" trades himself for her freedom, thanking her for helping him and wishes to do a good deed of his own not wanting to be defined by his sins while he can.

Mister Negative (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 59 001

Mister Negative is back!

With Mister Negative restored, the crime lord feels generous in his high spirits and orders his men to leave. But as Spider-Man swears on his inevitable capture of Mister Negative, Fisk arrives with the NYPD to legally arrest Mister Negative and low-key threatens May's FEAST shelter with red tape should his movements be hindered. An exiting Fisk thanks Spider-Man for aiding in the arrest, but quietly demands of Mister Negative to have what he seeks before taking him away. Returning as Peter to check up on her, May tells him that repairs will take a few more weeks of work and expresses a sense of self-blaming responsibility for all the villain attacks- echoing Peter's own inner feelings. Reminding her that she is not responsible and doing the most good, he then pleads she call the police next time a criminal like Mister Negative should arrive. However, she reminds Peter that she has to be trusting in people's want to change; because if they were to stop believing in that, she questions what hope would be left for them.

Concurrently, Norman talks to Liz expressing his regret for his hurting her and Normie, but offers her a chance to visit Kinred at Ravencroft. Escorting them into the facility with armed guards, Liz breaks down in tears pleading for answers from Kindred but is met with silence. After retuning home, Norman keeps a distance while trying to talk with an insociable Normie, who is angry at the adults for always lying to him. As they sit on a ledge overlooking the scenery, Normie is handed a photo of Norman with Harry when the latter was no older than Normie's age. As Norman acknowledges Normie's ability to recognize his family's faults, he also reminds him that they do what they can for his sake. Norman promises to take him to Coney Island someday to show him the fun his dad had as a boy, and talks his grandson into returning to his mother; Norman also spots a vigilante Spider-Man on an overlooking Gargoyle.

At the office of the Mayor, Mister Negative elaborates to Fisk that while the Tablet of Life and Destiny grants the possessor power and knowledge, the ability of it is limited without the sister item: The Tablet of Death and Entropy. An item Mister Negative has due to the "duality" theme of said items, informing Fisk that only together can both tablets utilize their desired function of a single use perfect resurrection. In agreement, Fisk pays Mister Negative with control over his old territories of Chinatown & the Lower East Side, but seeing an opportunity to gain more and due to his limits in the Mayor's office, Fisk hires Mister Negative. Mainly due to his adjusted timetable, Fisk needs Mister Negative to steal the Tablet of Life and Destiny from Spider-Man and Boomerang. However, Fisk didn't just hire Mister Negative but also the other super-criminal crime lords of New York City in competition for Fisk's favor for the same mission.

Solicit Synopsis

• Mr. Negative is back and wants only one thing – Martin Li. But how is that possible?

• Spider-Man is still reeling from the Kindred affair and Peter will not stand for anything else to be taken away from him.


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