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Quote1.png Okay people, gather around -- we're just about ready to start -- Spider-Man Trivia Night! Quote2.png
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Appearing in "A Trivial Pursuit: Part One"

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Synopsis for "A Trivial Pursuit: Part One"

Black Ant and Taskmaster kidnap the Vulture, at the behest of someone who apparently pays them well. Peter hates having Boomerang as a roommate, and following him he discovers that he meets his old gang to play poker. Knowing that Peter was the official photographer of Spider-Man, he takes him to the Bar With No Name pretending to be a supervillain: the Liar.The reason is that trivial pursuit is played that evening with Spider-Man as an argument: Boomerang proposes that Peter keep the prize money, while he will make a good impression. Young Parker initially doesn't want to know, but then decides to stay to find out something about the criminals' plans. Obviously Peter guesses all the answers and ends up enjoying us. Meanwhile, Boomerang tries to extort money from Kingpin, so Kingpin puts a bounty on him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Wondering when Boomerang’s status as Spider-Man’s roommate would blow up?

• Yeah, it’s this issue. Uh-oh.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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