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Quote1 Okay people, gather around -- we're just about ready to start -- Spider-Man Trivia Night! Quote2

Appearing in "A Trivial Pursuit: Part One"

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Synopsis for "A Trivial Pursuit: Part One"

As Vulture pursued Dougie for stealing from him, a strange voice distracted Vulture before revealing itself to be Black Ant. Fighting Vulture mid-air, Taskmaster used the opportunity to capture and bring him down for a relatively soft landing, to which Black Ant noted that Dougie did not share.

At his apartment, Peter was spending time with Mary Jane which was quickly interrupted by Fred's intrusion. Mary Jane introduced herself, finding Fred likable, but Peter is cautious around Fred having tracked him to a warehouse playing cards with his cohorts in the Superior Foes. When Randy tried getting Peter to provide Fred the benefit of the doubt given his helping the Resistance, Fred walked in asking a question about Spider-Man's Captain Universe powers which Peter corrected. After Randy explained Peter's role as Spider-Man's once personal photographer, Fred invited Peter to the Bar With No Name for "Spider-Man Trivia Night" and introduced Peter as "The Liar." Surprised by Electro's arrival, she voiced her hostility until the barkeep reminded them of the No Fighting rules, so she warned Peter to watch out being friends with Fred. While reticent to participate, Peter's overhearing villain plans convinced him to stay and then started getting carried away answering trivia questions.

In the men's room, Fred is called by an aid of Fisk's trying to be diplomatic, Fred finds the attempts at communication pathetic and refused the offer. Back in the Bar, Peter gained some popularity for his consecutive wins and correctly answered the final question. Setting a new house record, the crowd cheers on The Liar (Peter) and for a singular moment felt like he understood them well enough. At City Hall, an enraged Wilson Fisk issued a large enough bounty on Boomerang, and messaged the Bar patrons. Seeing the price, the patrons were intrigued, ready to break the main rule and are about to start fighting.

Solicit Synopsis

• Wondering when Boomerang’s status as Spider-Man’s roommate would blow up?

• Yeah, it’s this issue. Uh-oh.


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