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Doctor Strange

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Synopsis for "No Exit"

Peter wakes up from a nightmare with Kindred to a peaceful morning with Mary Jane getting him breakfast. But before he can do his usual "moody narration" with fears from a villain, Mary Jane shuts him up and takes him to the small theater where she got her first big break but has fallen into disuse in the intervening years. As she brought Peter to the stage to "practice lines," she emphasizes that they are his lines to verbalize what he wants to say. Although Peter is skeptical, Mary Jane continues explaining that she went to a therapist after Gwen's death, who suggested she find a private stage to speak out her final words to her lost friend; which helped mend much of her grief.

Now, Mary Jane has brought Peter to her stage to have him say what he needs to say to 'Harry' to get the words out of his system, as a way to help him find some modicum closure. As Mary Jane sits as an audience of one, she asks for his trust and tells Peter to close his eyes to visualize and feel the weight of Kindred's influence on his psyche. Opening his eyes, Kindred sits in the front row as Peter opens up his feelings of frustration and his constant anger. Expressing powerlessness not knowing what made him into Kindred, despite how the Osborns always blamed Peter for their own faults and failings, he can't help but sense that he is in fact responsible for Kindred. Reflecting on indirectly causing Uncle ben's death, Peter admits that his allowing his loved ones to hurt for his secrecy is no different than that moment of regret.

Mary Jane, here for Peter

Running from guilt and feeling trapped in a cycle of punishment, while 'Harry' wanted to show him Hell, Peter believes he is living it. Alone and just barely supporting himself, even if he was on the Avengers or owned a company, Peter always returned to square one and his enemies kept coming back stronger. On his repeated resurrections, the moments that hurt him worst were the memories of their time as friends together BEFORE everything went bad. Willing to confess to anything to Kindred just so he can end the cycle of torment and failure, Peter begs to know what to do and breaks down crying into Mary Jane's arms.

Afterward, Peter does feel a sense of a lifted weight on him, as Mary Jane reminds him that he has just been through many traumas in a recent time, and this exercise will help bring back some light in him. As Peter thanks her and says he'll miss her, she surprises him that the filming of the movie is done with all post-production and reshoots set in New York City for her availability. Mary Jane affirms that she made the decision so as to be with Peter to help him face his struggle and to support him. Thanking her and rushing off late to class, Peter web swings as Spider-Man reminding himself that no matter how heavy or dark things will get, his having Mary Jane by his side to catch him as he falls is something that everyone needs.

Back in the theater, Mary Jane finds Mysterio hiding in the shadows having caught the tail end of her talk with Peter, as he comments on the film premiere being set for Los Angeles not Manhattan. Beck is miffed at Mary Jane making the promises she made unilaterally despite her and Beck's creative partnership, also pointing out her reluctance to reveal her partnership with Beck. As she is wanting to find the right time, Mary Jane focuses back to him and asking about and his knowledge of how Harry became Kindred. Beck, however, understands her need to know but feels it is would be better if the truth was unknown to her, citing the road to hell with good intentions.

Elsewhere, Doctor Strange portals over to Hotel Inferno in Las Vegas to confront Mephisto, who hasn't left the hotel as he "loves" the people. The frustrated Strange demands answers about Kindred, due to the demon's targeting of his good friend Peter, and asks the smirking devil what is wrong with Peter Parker's soul.

Solicit Synopsis

Peter and Mary Jane have been through so much… Spider-Man has been a constant strain on them from day one… With the events of the past few months, is there anything left?


  • This is a meta commentary on Peter Parker's life where he recognizes and talks about his character: troubles with loved ones, struggle as Spider-Man, a backlash of consequences balancing the two identities, and repeating the cycle with each new event in his life.
  • This is meant to mark Peter's turning point as a character to recognize the rut his life is in and begin his efforts to change himself.
  • This is the first time in the years since One More Day where Doctor Strange discovers and works to uncover the extent of Mephisto's machinations that changed Peter's life.


  • Strange's comments about Mephisto are from the events of Damnation.

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