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Quote1 That's right. You're Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Quote2
Norah Winters

Appearing in "Let's Try Something New!"

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Synopsis for "Let's Try Something New!"

With Boomerang helping Spider-Man, they have found most of the Lifeline Tablet which Fisk seeks, but are delayed by their newest responsibility- their house pet Gog, who eats through their home media wiring. Thankfully, Peter's skills as a photographer and Fred's knowledge of Instagram monetization, Gog's popularity in pet pics nets them a huge following but little payout. After months of unemployment building, Peter accepts Norah's job offer of working at TNM, who presents him a new suit with augmented surveillance tech to record Spidey's POV which Norah will use to generate buzz with viewers wanting the first-person battle footage.

Although Peter argues that Spider-Man's activities are about saving lives, Jonah sides with Norah as it will show the public Spider-Man's heroism. Norah addresses Peter's concerns for privacy with Spider-Man by showing him a restricted network limiting access by her and Jonah, who is seizing on the chance after the podcast with Spider-Man, equating it to the old days of selling photos of Spider-Man to the Bugle. Norah sweetens the deal by showing Peter the payout and giving the suit to Spidey; earning his agreement.

After Peter's ordeal under Kindred and the support he's needed to recover, the stopping of a bank robbery with Hydro-Man, Shocker, and Speed Demon in his new suit felt as if nothing had changed. However, Jonah calls to tell Spidey to read some of the fan-submitted one-liners to say in battle; most of them being pretty terrible. The villain trio then manages to knock him back, but Jonah directs him to do a move the voters chose and Spidey does it, ending their movement. But as Spidey refuses to announce their sponsor, a small flare auto-launches and says the sponsor above; much to Spider-Man's ire and recounting of another sponsored character. But when the captured crooks admit to being a distraction for someone to target Gog and Fred, Bullseye concurrently takes aim to snipe the little creature awaiting Fisk's orders.

Fisk convenes with the other super-crime lords, easily quashing all territorial disputes due to his hold on the Mayor's office. But when Masque and the new Crime-Master ask about his bounty, Fisk brings up Fred Myers- whom everyone in the room hates. Appraised of the job, Fisk answers Silvermane's question of the reward stating that, while the "Get Out of Jail Free" card is a cliché in games, the one Fisk holds is legitimate and will make the victorious crime lord and all members of their gang fully immune to NYPD interference on any level under Fisk's administration. However, Tombstone notes Spider-Man's friendship with Boomerang, and Fisk uses that to exploit Fred's weakness- his friendship with Peter and Gog.

Despite the apprehension, the live stream takedown was a huge success with millions of logins and people leaving reviews- critique on Spidey's performance. However, Robbie at the DB is flabbergasted by the stream, as Glory brings up their loss of subscribers to TNM, as people even bid for spots on Spidey's live streams. Robbie believes their solution to the loss is by traditional old-school journalism, such as an exposé on Lonnie Lincoln, Tombstone. Glory shows evidence of Janice, the new Beetle, inheriting Tombstone's old rackets while he takes the legitimate routes. Concluding business, Robbie and Randy meet up for lunch, with Randy needing to talk to Robbie.

Solicit Synopsis

• Peter Parker gets a new job!

• Spidey gets a new look!

• And Kingpin’s plans start coming together!

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