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Quote1.png His anger will make him reckless. And his guilt will isolate him. But then, you know all about falling into traps, don't you, demon? Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Wag the Gog"

As Spider-Man races to Central Park, Fisk narrates how Boomerang has become like the heroes he once despised, and as such is vulnerable to harm if those he loves are targeted. In Central Park, Fisk's NYPD detail arrive to arrest Boomerang while Bullseye lines up his scope. As Fisk orders the kill shot and Spider-Man arrives, Gog reverts to his original titanic form as the bullet snaps off his collar. Despite NYPD rushing him, Boomerang sends the collar up to Spidey to recalibrate midair and wrap Gog's neck, and successfully shrinks the creature to catch him before landing atop a parked car. But with the danger at hand, Spider-Man convinces a tearful Boomerang to let Mary Jane care for Gog until they return in a week from whatever craziness Fisk is dredging up.

But as Boomerang feels that those around him are suffering the more he helps, he flies off comedically ranting about his vengeance on Fisk; unaware this was the Kingpin's trap. At Ravencroft, Fisk talks about his entrapping Boomerang by luring him in with vengeance, and asking the trapped Kindred his wherewithal on the subject. Recollecting on the demon's scorning him, forcing him to beg, but the tables are turned and Fisk swears to do away with Kindred once his goal is achieved. Concurrently, Tombstone orders his driver to 3rd and Bowery, which is Peter, Randy, & Fred's apartment. However, as Fisk has ordered Peter to be off limits and with Fred as the bounty, Tombstone decided to mix business and pleasure by going after Randy, son of his arch-rival Robbie Robertson.

As Robbie and Randy are having dinner as Robbie laughs at Randy's past romances, Robbie advices his son to pursue his current romance when Jonah arrives. Talking about his latest venture, he is quickly offended by Robbie's disinterest and storms out. Getting back to the DB, Robbie is informed by Glory about Janice being spotted doing "Public Indecency" with her likely new boyfriend on a rooftop. As Tombstone arrives at the apartment to take Randy hostage, he climbs to the roof scheming how he'll run New York City with Janice. Once Robbie opens Glory's folder, he is stunned to find Randy and Janice together in the pictures, as Tombstone is simultaneously shocked to find Janice on the apartment rooftop kissing Randy.

Solicit Synopsis


• Kingpin makes it personal with Peter Parker and New York City itself will pay the price!

• And another fuse lit more than thirty issues ago reaches its explosive destination.


  • This event's B-Plot with Randy and Janice is a clear "Romeo & Juliet" style story. With their name Randy and Janice, R&J, and being from "two warring families" but still fall in love.
  • When Boomerang decided to go after Kingpin, he made callbacks to Batman's numerous origins.
    • Him calling criminals a superstitious coward lot originates from Detective Comics #33 and him "telling" his father what he'll become comes from Batman #404, respectfully.

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