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Quote1.png The fool. He thinks no one can override the security and surveillance systems of his hospital. He forgets that Ravencroft belongs to Wilson Fisk. As does the prisoner in his charge. Quote2.png

Appearing in "King's Ransom - Part One"

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Synopsis for "King's Ransom - Part One"

At Ravencroft, Norman tearfully fails to connect with Kindred in his Darkforce cage, while Fisk spies on their moment from his mayoral office, having bypassed Norman's privacy measures with security cameras. There, he commissions Baron Mordo to break Kindred for information, with the Tablet of Death and Entropy as his payment. Mordo agrees, but cautions Fisk as the process is likely to get ugly. Elsewhere, Spider-Man and Boomerang are fighting Hammerhead and his Gang at Grand Central Terminal for a fragment of the Lifeline Tablet. But as Boomerang gets the Tablet fragment, Owl and his gang burst in to the fray, attacked by Hammerhead's gang in desperation for the bounty, causing both gangs to shoot at each other. Seizing the opportunity, Boomerang escapes as Spider-Man uses his suit's features to the full extent and apprehend all criminals in record speed. However, he remembers that TNM broadcasted his skirmish on the livestream, causing hundreds of adoring fans to gather outside. With the streams of Spider-Man's hunt for the fragments and the combat with the growing gangs, Fisk's approval ratings drop exponentially as Spider-Man's own skyrocket.

Discovering Janice and Randy are in a romance, Robbie orders Glory classify the information she gained, while Tombstone is sickened at witnessing the revelation, abandoning his plan holding Randy hostage. Robbie goes to talk with his son about dating the daughter of his sworn enemy. Randy defends being with Janice, and that both are not their fathers, but Robbie denies this and aims to expose her criminal activities for the law to arrest her; hoping the stark truth of the matter will set him sober. Concurrently, Tombstone goes home and rages at his daughter, forbidding her continue with Randy, but she blasts an exit and leaves in defiance of his wishes. Afterwards, Peter talks with Randy about their relationship, while Janice talks with her Syndicate friends, explaining their first encounter. When Peter advises Randy establishes ground rules with Janice, Elaine and Francine concurrently advise Janice break up with him, given his good nature would have him force her to change.

After doing said talking, Janice gets offended at Randy's presumption of her reformation while he is offended by her still using systemic loopholes for personal gain. But before either can leave, Crime Master and his men enter to apprehend both, only for Janice to fight them off before Madame Masque blindsides her. Janice, distracted from fangirling over Madame Masque, is kicked unconscious and taken prisoner. As Fred and Peter count one piece remaining to find, they return home in time to find Madam Masque and Crime Master mid-abduction. When their bounty comes to them, Crime Master's men open fire and cause an explosion on the side of the apartment building.

Solicit Synopsis

• We all the know the romantic story of R&J! Star-crossed lovers, deep-seeded family enmity, tragic ending…

• Wait, who are Romeo and Juliet? We're talking about Randy and Janice! Yep, Peter Parker's roommate and The Beetle have been dating and that information finally gets out to their fathers…

• The Tombstone/Robbie Robertson beef has been brewing since 1988 and is back, big time!


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