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HH--our dads? Put their heads together?
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Randy Robertson
You really should've done your homework there.
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Appearing in "King's Ransom - Part Two"

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Synopsis for "King's Ransom - Part Two"

At Ravencroft, when Norman finds Mordo using dark magic to coerce answers from Kindred, he is incensed at the action behind his back with "his patient." Although Norman reminds Fisk of their deal, Fisk is quick to remind Norman of his authority and Mordo's results.

At their apartment, Peter and Fred escape the capture attempt by Crime Master and Madame Masque's henchmen, allowing Peter to knock out Fred and quick change into his new Suit given their unstable molecule design. Distracted by the fact that there's a new Crime-Master, Spider-Man is shot by an energy snare from Madame Masque. Although Crime-Master tries to headshot Spider-Man, Masque denies him given the limits placed on them by Fisk. As they get away, Spider-Man overclocks his suit to break the snare but loses their trail. Hours later, Tombstone is remorseful of the destructive scene believing his daughter's death, until Robbie arrives and Tombstone quickly corrects his suspicions. Both fathers argue until Spider-Man ends the quibbling to explain what happened and how they can help. With Robbie and Tombstone having a plan, Spider-Man departs to get backup from Fred Meyers. At the location, he finds Fred left a note for Peter, telling him that he's going off to find the last fragment alone.

Held hostage, Janice irritating Masque and Randy's attempted bravado with Crime-Master have the crime lords reveal they were using the Tablet search for their own plans in a joint-partnership. As the new Crime-Master is a mysterious upstart and Masque's influence is primarily on the West Coast, both agreed to use Fisk's Tablet hunt to kill off Fred Meyers, Tombstone if he looks for Janice, and Robbie for Randy. Tombstone death will allow them to claim his territory, Robbie's death will allow them to take the DB! under new ownership. Both hostages disbelieve their fathers cooperating, unaware of such was the case. Meanwhile, Robbie goes to Mirage, his supervillain source, who refuses to help since he was nearly killed giving him inside details. So Robbie has him talk with Tombstone of the ledge of the roof, where he admits to having Masque and Crime-Master's hideout address and tells them.

Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus removes a coffin from its grave and is confused to find it empty, hoping it would lead to filling in his memory gaps. However, Kindred is ecstatic that he did, now ready to invite his "final guests". When startled by Kindred's voice, the demon's centipede minion embeds into Otto's ear to force him into unconsciousness, claiming it a part of the process.

Solicit Synopsis

• Tombstone and Robbie are at each other's throats and much of Spider-Man's life is collateral damage.

• Does this have anything to do with Mayor Kingpin's moves of late?

• Short answer – yes.

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