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Appearing in "King's Ransom - Part Three"

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Synopsis for "King's Ransom - Part Three"

At Ravencroft, Mordo continues his mystical interrogation of Kindred under Fisk's delighted supervision. However, the demon begs Norman's help, so using his knowledge of Fisk's holding the Tablet's second half and the bounty in effect, Norman expertly extorts one day's stay of execution. Alone, Norman rushes to Harry to see to his wellbeing, only for his demon son to chide him given his history of ignoring his son's pleas.

At the docks, Robbie and Tombstone arrive at the location of Masque and Crime Master's hideout. As Robbie learns from a contact that Spider-Man is en route, the two talk about raising their kids to be better than they were, but becoming as they are presently. Going in for the rescue, the two are ambushed as Mirage sold them out to gain favor with the teamed-up the crime lords. With Robbie threatening that Spider-Man will arrive to stop them, Masque points out that he is uptown given the GPS on his TNM stream, thus won't arrive in time to save them. In preparation, Tombstone called Janice's friends in the Syndicate about her capture and they arrive in time to help.

Using the chaos to free their Janice and Randy, surprising them to find their fathers working together, and are rescued by Spider-Man just before Crime Master can shoot them. Whilst Spider-Man and the Syndicate fight the henchmen, Masque and Beetle duke it out with Janice coming out on top- showing Robbie why Randy fell for her. As Spider-Man fights Crime-Master, he reflects on his feeling like he's been losing since Kindred came into the picture, appreciative to have a clean win. Later, Spider-Man is apologizing about TNM publishing Robbie's involvement, with his old friend warning him to be careful as Jonah's stunts bring unwanted surprises, given their shared history. With a mention of surprises, Randy and Janice both announce to be moving in together, much to Spider-Man's quiet shock.

The next morning, Peter goes to Mary Jane's about Fred leaving him behind, before she gives him the idea to have Gog track Fred from his scent. But knowing Fisk will have assassins and powered criminals gunning for him, Spider-Man will have little chance such numbers. So to even the odds, Spider-Man calls in some amazing friends for serious backup: Clint Barton, Spider-Woman, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Wolverine (Logan).

Prompted by his damnable son's words, and given Fisk's time limit, Norman intimidates a guard posted by Fisk to let him into a certain patient's cell, where he offers the patient a chance to help himself and his "neighbor".

Solicit Synopsis

• It is ALL OUT WAR!

• All the super crime lords of the Marvel U are competing at the whims of Mayor Wilson Fisk!

• Their task? Get the Tablets of Life & Destiny and Death & Entropy.


• Spider-Man, Randy and Robbie Robertson are caught in the cross-fire!

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