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Quote1.png It isn't, dad. It's not too late. This is what I always dreamed of. This is what I fought my way through Hell for. So that we could be here together, like this. Father and son. This is why everything had to happen. Why I had to cleanse you of your sins. So you could see clearly, at last. And now you do. Under all that anger-- All that cruelty-- This is who you really are. Broken. Scared. Defenseless. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Tangled Web"

In Ravencroft Institute, Baron Mordo continued his mystical interrogation of Kindred, finding the demon's fortitude admirable, but he informed the demon that he should have answered days earlier, as Wilson Fisk now has what he wants- his son newly revived- thus Kindred was expendable, with Mordo seeing fit to kill him swiftly. But in a seemingly desperate call for his father, Mordo is blindsided by Johnathon Ohnn, The Spot, freed from his cell by Norman. Once Ohnn reabsorbs the Darkforce energy holding Kindred, he honored his deal with Norman and Norman had the guards let Ohnn go free. Reassuring Harry that he was there for him, Norman held his son with some hope that Harry could be saved. When Harry replied he crawled out of Hell to see Norman fight for him, his demonic nature resumed itself by admitting he was happy to see Norman in such a ruinous state before whipping around the room with a centipede.

As Spider-Man contemplates Boomerang's betrayal, his friends call him down from brooding to discuss the Rose's revival. The street level heroes are surprised Fisk chose to revive his son, given Richard's recklessness and power hungry nature causing his original death. When Luke Cage notes that Fisk never should have been in the position to revive him, he notes the free rein the criminal groups have had with him in office, with that outcome having been on all of them and it was time to fix that.

At the Minton's Playhouse jazz bar, Randy jokes with Robbie about his age, humoring him and commenting on the change his son has made. Robbie apologized with Randy, finding his own historic grudge with Tombstone blinding him to Randy's choices, and letting Randy get back to Janice to enjoy the show. As the two enjoy the show, Lonnie arrives to talk about their kids now together, admitting they'll still work against the other but will call a truce whenever their kids are the subject.

Using the money he made from TNM, Peter sends an anonymous donation to the FEAST Shelter that Aunt May runs for repairs. But with Fred back to being a criminal and Randy moving in with Janice, Peter couldn't afford his apartment nor to repair it, so he distracted himself with a meeting set up from Betty Brant- especially to say sorry after missing her last 16 messages. He arrived at the Coffee Bean to meet Betty back from her assignment in Europe, he was surprised to also find her noticeably pregnant.

As Mary Jane dodges paparazzi hounding her for questions, quite happy for the attention again, her driver was revealed to be James Beverley who took her for a fast drive. While initially thinking he wanted tabloid publicity, James corrected her as he was searching for a missing Carlie Cooper, who vanished as they started forming some sort of connection. However, given his criminal record and being technically legally dead when Sin Eater originally killed him, Mary Jane agreed to help find Carlie as she sensed something amiss.

Meanwhile at TNM, Jonah had been raving for pictures on Spider-Man, with Norah reminding him the feed was cut so nothing could be done and that part of the contract he made with Spidey was the option to back out anytime he felt he needed to. But Jonah reiterated he did everything to show everyone that Spider-Man IS a hero, to make things right given their past. But if Spider-Man didn't want to, then J. Jonah Jameson was going to get a hero of his own. Elsewhere, in a dark undisclosed location, Carlie awoke to find herself confined to a dark cell. After screaming for help, she was shocked to find her cellmate was Harry Osborn, fearfully telling her that there is no escape.

Solicit Synopsis

• On the other side of King’s Ransom, Spider-Man is left to pick up the pieces.

• If he can manage to put them together he is going to be horrified with what he finds!


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