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Quote1.png It's all right, Teresa. This is all a part of the process. At least we're finally being honest with one another. You came here because you want to know, don't you? You want to know if you're like them. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Chameleon Conspiracy: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Chameleon Conspiracy: Part 1"

At the Coffee Bean, Peter was flabbergasted at Betty's pregnancy and awkwardly congratulated her in a failed save of face. After getting their coffee, Betty asks for Peter's discretion in keeping secret of her baby's father, explaining it was Ned whom she met in secret on a story. While Betty was aware of how ridiculous it sounded, Peter secretly knew Ned was among the many resurrected by Ben Reilly as Jackal in his Clone Conspiracy, but Ned survived after the other clones dissolved, only to die when she was in Europe.

Betty explains she had a source providing critical information to expose conspiracies and secretly reunited with Ned to verify him as her source, becoming pregnant. Her return was a planned reunion with Ned who stayed underground, and they planned to meet on her return from Europe. But after her explanation, Peter frantically excused himself without hearing her plans for later, secretly changing into Spider-Man. Mortified at having known that Ned died months earlier, Peter realized the enormity of his error in thinking he kept Betty safe by keeping quiet, and realizes Ned's dying words about Betty could have been about meeting with her again knowing she was pregnant.

To clear his head, Peter went to Empire State University to help Jamie run power source tests for The Clairvoyant. However, the device suffered a critical error, the power depleted, and deactivated on zero power. Given previous tests, Peter quickly realizes that Jaime had been testing it without his awareness. Not wanting to deal with it, Jaime took his leave and went home. Considering his life and how much he values her friendship, Peter web swung to Betty's apartment to tell her about Ned's fate. Arriving at her door, apologizing for his earlier behavior and hoping to talk, she invites Peter in where a clean cut Ned Leeds was inside, greatly surprising Peter.

At home with little sister Rosamie and checking up on his sick mother, Jaime was later surprised by Chance who came to collect on his debts. But seeing an opportunity, Chance offered Jaime a mutually beneficial deal: if Jaime built another Clairvoyant for Chance so his casino could always win, his family lives. Needing a viable power source, Jaime contemplated using The Catalyst at ESU. Elsewhere, a recovered Silver Sable talked with the Foreigner about her diminishing Symkarian funding from his "investments" with Chance's casino, but he reassured her there was opportunity.

On the Symkaria/Latveria border, the Hiding Place black site prison holding Dmitri Smerdyakov was infiltrated by Teresa Parker. Making her way in to get into Dmitri's cell, and not like her brother Peter, chose to shoot Dmitri in his shoulder, as she needed to interrogate him. Dmitri knew she wanted to know about her parents foremost, so he explained how after Norman's first death, Harry Osborn hired him to mentally torture Peter with LMDs of his parents, Richard and Mary, and the devastation of the truth later on- something Dmitri is most proud of.

Knowing that Peter told her about the encounter, he played on that and kept profiling her, poking at her rage knowing she wanted to know if she was anything like her parents. With a gun to Chameleon's head, he played at her doubts and feeling like an imposter as Peter's sister, with her constant returns to spycraft. Crying in the attempt to keep firm that she IS a Parker, Chameleon's assurance of holding answers had her listen to him. Dragged him to another cell, Dmitri promised her that she would have her answers, held by the man who killed her parents-- Karl Fiers, The Finisher.

In an undisclosed location, Kindred communicated to Doctor Octopus via one of the demon's parasites in his brain. Once Otto demanded to know his motive, Kindred revealed he intended for Otto to remember the whole truth and told him about his deal with the devil. But with Otto distrustful, Kindred showed him he was free to move about and planned for quite a bit of traveling between them, as Kindred promised to help Otto regain all of his lost memories and move his life forward. To do so, Otto would need the help of five more friends.

Solicit Synopsis

• In the wake of KING'S RANSOM, Spidey's journey takes a BIG turn.

• The revelation of GIANT-SIZE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: KING'S RANSOM was huge, but you don't understand half of what it actually means.

• But you should know that the Chameleon is making his biggest play ever as THE CHAMELEON CONSPIRACY begins here!

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