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Quote1.png Teresa Parker. It's been far too long. From the look in your eyes, girl, I can see that I needed no introduction. Quote2.png
Finisher (Karl Fiers)

Appearing in "Chameleon Conspiracy: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Chameleon Conspiracy: Part 2"

In Symkaria, upon recognizing Karl Fiers in his Hiding Place cell, Teresa's anger grew remembering the defamation and indignity of her parents' deaths caused by the man. Shooting him to no effect, her wrath subsided with an assurance by Chameleon of answers about her parents. However, as Fiers got comfortable with his freedom, he informed Teresa that the information she seeks would require a trade of services.

In New York City, Peter remained suspicious of Ned's return, but he explained that his brainwashing by Roderick Kingsley led to his mental strain and death at the hands of The Foreigner's men. However, by his ingesting the Osborn Goblin serum beforehand, Ned revived just like Norman, digging himself out of his grave before meeting someone who became his secret benefactor. Betty added that they both were working on the same case investigating the Foreigner's disinformation campaign on social media sites, and they conceived their child after working up the nerve to meet in person months earlier. Together again, they asked Peter to Betty's apartment as they needed his scientific background for help with details. They found that The Foreigner was working with an ESU student, Jamie Tolentino, who built The Clairvoyant. Caught off-guard, Peter hastily excused himself to suit up as Spider-Man and raced to ESU seeking Jaime.

At ESU, Jaime was guided by Chance on an earpiece to steal the Catalyst under heavy guard, while Chance and his backup awaited. To gain access, Jaime went to Doctor Connors, who made a breakthrough with his research into his mutation. Although Jaime was reluctant, he "assisted" Connors with the Isotope Genome Accelerator as cover to swipe his access card and excused himself to the bathroom. Once there, Jaime is met by Slyde and the two begrudgingly coordinate as Jaime distracted the guards whilst Slyde would steal the Catalyst using a Pym Particle container. However, Spider-Man arrived to meet Connors, and knowing about the Clairvoyant's power drain, headed to the Catalyst and interrupted Slyde mid-heist. With the operation blown, Chance provided backup for Slyde with himself, the Jack O'Lanterns, and The Foreigner.

On a secluded island, Doctor Octopus located The Sandman at the direction of Kindred. With a lost sense of direction, Octavius used his logic to answer Sandman's confusion. In doing so, Sandman joined Octavius, pleasing Kindred with four targets left to locate.

Solicit Synopsis


• Spider-Man aims to get to the bottom of the Chameleon's plan…

• …but THE FOREIGNER takes his own aim.

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