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Jack O'Lanterns
If only you'd talked less and asked more, then you might have figured out that the Jack O' Lanterns and half the folks in this casino work for The Finisher.
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Appearing in "Chameleon Conspiracy: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Chameleon Conspiracy: Part 3"

At ESU, Spider-Man battles the Jack O'Lanterns trying to keep Jamie safe, also pondering how they involved him in their scheme. Stunning them, Slyde slips close enough to half-Nelson Spider-Man but counter throws him into Chance, allowing Jaime to take back the miniaturized Catalyst as Spider-Man exfiltrates him outside. Blasted by The Foreigner, Spider-Man holds off the combined villain group to allow Jaime to escape, but instead sorrowfully blasts Spider-Man with energy from the Catalyst. Impressed, Foreigner calls the others to take their leave, and Chance voices his being impressed with Jaime. Waking up dazed, a battered Spider-man is met by an apologetic Doctor Connors -- unable to have helped due to his inhibitor chip -- updating him after the fight.

The Jack O' Lanterns reveal their true allegiance

Needing help to find them, Spider-Man heads back to Betty's apartment for her's and Ned's help. There, Ned was suspicious of Peter's behavior which was standard according to Betty. As Ned waxes poetic with dreams of a life, Spider-Man arrives and informed them of everything about Jaime and The Clairvoyant about to be in the Foreigner's hands. Wanting to finish the issue Foreigner's scheming, Ned offers to help.

At The Palace, the newly re-powered Clairvoyant is operational and Jaime explains its function to the Foreigner, while Chance is too happy having a prediction machine to hear about the accuracy percentages. However, as Foreigner and Chance debate what to ask the device, the Jack' O'Lanterns receive a call and steal the Clairvoyant. They reveal that they and half the casino work for The Finisher, while abducting Jaime and absconding with the technology. As one of their ranks attacks the casino floor, the villain patrons respond while some contribute to the attack.

Concurrently, at the Hiding Place, Teresa is offended by the notion of "helping" Karl Fiers and wanting him dead. The understanding criminal mastermind knows she is angry due to years of lies and uncertainty around her parents. However, after relocating them to his apartment, he swears to tell the truth as it will sets one free, some more than others. So Fiers recounts Spider-Man's hunting Red Skull, which led him to Fiers, and their battle. Knowing Spider-Man opposed killing, but was ambivalent to Fiers' own death with a missile, Spider-Man was clean of any death as Fiers' contact with Dmitri saved his life, watching over his mentor until he fully recovered. Disappointed with his explanation, Teresa berated Fiers, who then elaborates that he had YEARS to prepare for what is to happen next, removing the holographic room he conjured earlier to reveal a war room. Feeling no longer limited by questions of the past, Fiers aims for the future and takes aim at Chance's flying casino fortress - The Palace. As he relocates them again to somewhere even Dmitri was uncomfortable with, revealing a plethora of people like Chameleon, with Fiers now ready to discuss the truth about Teresa.

In an unknown location, Doctor Octopus has completed a device, acknowledging feeling good at creating science and achieving again. Using his machine, Otto resurrects Max Dillion with comprehension of the science of Max's powers, as Kindred comments on his ability. The demon narrating that Otto gets closer to his true self with every day, seeing it in his mind & soul like the blinding lightning of the revived Electro.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spidey and his superspy sister, Teresa Parker, dig to uncover THE CHAMELEON CONSPIRACY.

• Their investigation is challenged by Chance, Jack O'Lantern and the Foreigner's anarchic alliance!

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