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Quote1.png War is no place for a sweet soul like you, Pete. Quote2.png
Boomerang (Fred Myers)

Appearing in "A Trivial Pursuit: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "A Trivial Pursuit: Part Two"

With the bounty being large enough for the Bar patrons to break the no fighting rule, Fred swiped a laser gun for Peter to defend himself with; while at City Hall, Fisk was ecstatic at the chaos and proceeded to continue to a Mayoral publicity function. As Peter fought off criminals, he noticed that he and Fred were a decent team until Fred gets hit. Peter stalled when playing to his role as The Liar, allowing Fred to toss a bomb for both to escape from the scene. Safely outside, Fred explained that he held off on the bomb because he was reluctant to destroy the Bar, having seen it as a second home. Still reluctant to buy Fred's reforming, Peter brings up his visit to the warehouse after 'Spider-Man' followed him. Fred explained that his "friends" were LMDs after he burned them, but they later broke down and Tinkerer only told him to do a hard reboot to fix them, thus Fred explained that he felt alone after they left him, but felt better once he was a roommate with Peter and Randy. A reflective Peter recalled the second chances his loved ones had given him, so Peter invited him to Improv Night with him and Randy on Sunday to cheer Fred up.

At City Hall, Fisk was livid at the escape of Boomerang from the Bar With No Name. Despite his public endorsement of Boomerang a week prior, Fisk wanted him immediately and one of his aids informed him that he had recently developed a friendship with a roommate. Planning to torture him with the dead bodies of friends, Fisk's revenge was interrupted by the voice of a mysterious dark entity. Upon recognizing the voice, Fisk's warnings of escape were too late as his aids were murdered by the entity upon entering from the shadows. While he didn't care for Fisk's grudge on Fred Meyers, he stipulated that Fred's roommate was off-limits per the rules he set for Fisk. Upon Fisk raging at the entity and noting his sacrifices, the figure conjured the figure of a dead Vanessa to render Fisk quiet and explained that they didn't want anything Fisk offered way back when. Instead, knowing Fisk's endgame with what Fred took, the entity would allow Fisk's machinations on the condition that he follow the rules. Fisk affirmed he would, showing his subservience and had knelt for the figure, reminded of who was in charge.

Solicit Synopsis

• Boomerang is, no joke, the worst roommate ever.

• Not only does he prove the phrase “three’s a crowd” but also, he somehow talks Spider-Man into going to the Bar With No Name…

• …putting Spidey in the crosshairs of dozens of super villains!


The scene in which Boomerang meets his old gang is penciled by Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1 artist Steve Lieber.

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