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Quote1.png Curt Connors. If you never had my friendship... at least you have my respect. Quote2.png
Doctor Octopus

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Synopsis for "Prelude to Sinister War"

While at Empire State University, Peter reflects on the very bad times he is in with Fred's betrayal, villains on the loose, and losing another job, but is happy for once as nothing called for Spider-Man to show and he was early to class. His elation is made short upon finding Dr. Curt Connors in his lab, destroyed and with Curt blaming himself. With a recent success and wanting to give his family normalcy again, Curt was ready with his research to begin trials using the Isotope Genome Accelerator to test a cure for his Lizard side. However, Doctor Octopus and his sinister compatriots intruded, and captured Connors to make him split from his Lizard side, now an autonomous entity free of humanity. Peter helps return Curt back to his home in the sewer, all while he blamed himself as Peter left him to recover with his family. Later, Peter gets dressed as Spider-Man, worried about the Sinister Six's original roster reforming and goes out to seek answers.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane is conducting her own investigation looking for the missing Carlie Cooper after her talk with a reformed Overdrive (James Beverley). As everyone Carlie knows from her landlord, co-workers, Jarvis and others in her support system all repeat the same consistent detail: Carlie texted that she had to leave town. Now convinced Carlie is in danger, Mary Jane continues trying to find her, but not having the right clues for where to look. Elsewhere, Harry Osborn opens up to Carlie about how he arrived: finally happy with Liz and the kids, Harry detected dormant Oscorp accounts spending unusual transactions and couldn't leave it alone, flying to Paris to investigate. But before Harry could arrive at one of Norman's old estates with a dark past, Harry was jumped and captured by Kindred, spending the last few months in the very cell he now occupies. When asking Carlie her situation, she is quiet for a moment thinking how to omit finding Harry's corpse among the dead from Kindred's dinner party, hoping someone will find them soon.

In Manhattan, Overdrive approaches Boomerang with a job offer as criminals celebrate the latter's successful long con. Meanwhile, Spider-Man finds no leads after hours of scouring the city for the Sinister Six, but his gut feeling deduces Kindred to be involved. At the Osborn cemetery, Otto demands of Kindred the answers promised in reforming the Sinister Six, but the demon reminds Otto that is contingent on all six members with the last being Kindred's choice: Mysterio (Quentin Beck), still bound to the demon's ownership. Outside, Kindred walks the cemetery while happy to be enacting his endgame against Peter, all with his pieces in place having numerous villains motivated by different factors from revenge and notoriety to redemption and wrath. Smiling that, even if Peter should get the answers he wants, Kindred is content as there are now five sinister supervillain team-ups in activation, all aiming at each other and Spider-Man.

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The Sinister War turns Spidey’s life upside-down, but the fact that KING’S RANSOM and CHAMELEON CONSPIRACY already did that, might give you an idea of how hard this is going to be for Peter Parker.

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