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Quote1 You're gonna be my finest deal in a millennium, Norman. My legacy made flesh. Quote2

Appearing in "Sinister War (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Centipedes
  • Demons (Main story and flashback)




Synopsis for "Sinister War (Part 2)"

Kindred narrates over Spider-Man fighting the Sinister Six, explaining that everyone makes deals and compromises for survival, such as forming partnerships or teams. Therefore, life is interconnected, and the choices one makes affects their immediate family. Kindred once saw Peter as family, but that changed after the "choices" Peter made. Speaking of deals, Kindred states that sometimes deals are based on greed. In a flashback, Norman was watching his partner Mendel Stromm win an award, when he was approached by a man who asked Norman about an investment in "acquisitions". In the present, Norman uses the key from Stromm's last will to open an abandoned Parisian mansion, as Kindred notes that Norman could have said 'no' to the man years ago but was a slave to his nature.

Inside, Norman finds a lab he doesn't recognize, with a digital recording of himself who begins to taunt him. In another flashback, Norman takes a young Harry to Coney Island for his birthday, and runs into the mysterious man again. Back in the present, the digital Norman mocks the real Norman for thinking he was now free of sin, when his biggest one had yet to be confronted after all these years. In a final flashback, after Harry had fallen asleep following his fun birthday, the man appears in Norman's house and reveals himself to be Mephisto. He states how Norman is overshadowed by Stromm, deep in debt, and about to lose his job. The demon tells Norman that if he makes a deal with him, Norman wouldn't even remember the deal, and life would continue on as he gained his fortunes and successes. At some point, Norman would take the form of a demon himself, or rather... a goblin. The only thing this deal would cost Norman is his firstborn son. Harry would suffer tragedy after tragedy.

And now, the truth has come out. Norman was actually once a decent father, but struggling in his business. He made a deal with the devil to succeed, but became ruthless, and eventually insane. As a result of this deal, his son Harry would suffer countless personal tragedies, and eventually die. Neither Norman's or Harry's descents into madness occurred naturally, they were both the result of Mephisto altering history after his deal with Norman years ago. As digital Norman acknowledges how Mephisto kept up his end of the bargain, it reveals itself to really be the digital copy of Harry from years ago, having uploaded his mind alongside Norman's some time ago just to tell him: "GOTCHA." As the digital Harry repeats himself, Norman remembers the night his son "died" and how Mysterio was involved, and makes a realization about events.

Elsewhere, Carlie and Harry have been navigating the catacombs for hours when they stumble upon a crack in the wall. They break through to find the morgue that Carlie had come from. A single draped corpse is there, but Carlie can't find the other bodies that were there earlier. Harry removes the drape before Carlie can stop him. In New York, Kindred meets with Mary Jane, who begs him to stop all of this. He tells her that he wasn't who she thought he was, not entirely. Referencing an agreement he has with the Chameleon, Kindred lifts his mask, feeling that it is time Mary Jane learned the truth of his identity, regardless of the cost. He shows her his true face to her horror.

Solicit Synopsis

• Over in Sinister War, Spider-Man is facing two Sinister Sixes.

• But, then, what is he doing HERE?

• Just want to say, trying not to spoil – you don’t quite understand how intense and impossible this situation is for Peter Parker.


  • Norman becoming the Green Goblin due to a deal with the devil might serve as a reference to Stan Lee originally conceiving the villain as a literal mythological demon.
  • The sequence in which both Harry and his A.I. say "Gotcha." multiple times is a reference to a similar sequence in Amazing Spider-Man #389. There, a recording of Harry reveals to Spider-Man he was behind the simulacrums designed after his parents, the sequence ending with Harry's "Gotcha!" echoing through Kraven's mansion and the depths of Spider-Man's soul.

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