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Quote1.png I say we've invested a lot, not to make you feel guilty or beholden, but to reiterate how much we believe in you. You have a rare chance-- with your power and Beyond's resources-- to make a real difference out there. It's not something we take lightly. And it's not something I thought you took lightly either. Quote2.png
Maxine Danger

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As Ben spars with Misty and Colleen, he quietly wonders why he thought it was a good idea to spar with them as they're using live ammunition to try hitting him, and concluding it was his hubris. In the observation room, Marcus still believes Ben to be distracted despite his exceptional performance, so Marcus ends the training much to Ben's praise at the behest of Maxine Danger, Head of Super Hero Development. She sends Colleen and Misty off for field activity evaluations, Maxine walks with Ben to remind him about the amount of resources Beyond has invested into his being their Spider-Man, and emphasizes this as a reminder of how much the company believes in Ben's potential to become a great Spider-Man, but voices her feelings of him taking his role lightly. Maxine brings up his going dark previously and not wanting to hear anymore as she's heard every excuse, as she only wants Ben to not be selective of his communiques. Maxine concludes her speech telling Ben that she wants him onboard, but also that he can be replaced. Arriving at Dr. Ashley Kafka's office, Ben affirms himself as The Spider-Man, pleasing Maxine before taking her leave and wishing him a good therapy session.

In session, Ben brings up Maxine's talk before resuming their previous session to talk about his 'uncle', talking with a close friend about their father figures shaping them, and using an anchor metaphor. Ben then brings up a memory about a loose step on the front porch, how he procrastinated on the chore until his aunt feel on it, and he went on to fix it while it was raining out of guilt. But when getting to the memory of his uncle coming out to talk to him, Ben strangely loses the memory mid-thought and is frustrated. Dr. Kafka assures him that while his life has had positive changes, his job as Spidey could be stressing him out and recommends a day or two of recovery rest. At McCarthy Medical Institute, May refuses to leave Peter's side, distrusting of Dr. Burdick's abilities. After Mary Jane confirms she couldn't reach Doctor Strange nor Stark immediately after Peter's hospitalization, May refuses to allow Peter to deteriorate with plans to make a couple "house calls" and assures Mary Jane not to worry. As they both would rather have Peter angry at them than in a coma, Felicia spies into the hospital room from outside the window, overhearing Mary Jane begging Peter return to her.

Back at Beyond Tower, Ben comes home to Janine and the two's romantic banter ends when she brings up that they live in a gilded cage of a home, where the many Beyond Corp. personnel Ben works for can just waltz on in. While she feels conflicted complaining, Ben is receptive to her openness but is called away once their talk is in motion, both saying I love you as Ben uses Langston's portal. Arriving on scene in Midtown, Ben finds Morbius surrounded by bodies and covered in blood in a back alley. Trying a peaceful inquiry, Ben fails to get a cogent explanation from a bloodthirsty Morbius, and webs him up to check on his victims. With nobody alive, Ben finds Morbius gone and tries to reason his surrender, but his spider-sense weakly warns him of danger and is stunned hard enough for a remorseful Moribus to restrain him. Ben silently questions how Morbius could be so strong, as the living Vampire remorsefully drinks Ben's blood.

Solicit Synopsis

• Kelly Thompson and Sara Pichelli pick up the baton to define this new era for Spider-Man.

• The Beyond Corporation has returned and this is your chance to meet the people who've brought you the new (and improved) Spider-Man.

• There's a target on Spider-Man's back and one of his classic villains is out for blood.


  • Mary Jane's being unable to reach Strange to treat Peter's condition can be inferred to establish that Doctor Strange died shortly after the events of the Kindred saga but before the events of Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #75.

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