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Quote1.png What might we see in Ben Reilly if we do not inoculate him against Morbius' vampire virus? Quote2.png
Maxine Danger

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Escaping Morbius's clutches, Ben's suit repairs itself and closes the bite wound, but Ben theory-crafts that Morbius needed his blood in some in vain attempt at a cure when remembering Morbius biting Peter a time before. With blood loss and fatigue, Ben cannot contain nor stop Morbius, so he lures him to the roofs to lead him to his apartment entryway. While Langston allows him in, Ben's concerned warnings go unheard as the automated security laser shoots Morbius's arm off, forcing the living vampire to flee. As Ben faints from blood loss, Beyond security arrive within seconds of the breach and med-evac Ben, as cleaners bag the chunk of lopped off Morbius. Brought to the building's E.R., Janine is told by Marcus she isn't allowed in but swears to update her along his recovery, leaving her all alone in their own apartment.

In Beyond's E.R., Ben's suit is removed Doctor Bailey learns of Ben's fighting Morbius and readies and Antitoxin. However, Maxine Danger interjects on the intercom asking what surprises could come about should Ben not be treated, intrigued by what might happen, but Bailey's arguing how unethical it would be to just speculate has Maxine relent and order the Antitoxin administered. At McCarthy Medical Institute, Felicia sneaks into Peter's room, tearfully asking Peter to come back unaware Mary Jane opens the door slightly onto the scene. When Felicia notices Peter's eyes open, her calling out sends both ladies into a futile haste to try and wake him up. A guilt-ridden Felicia attempts to leave, but Mary Jane asks her to stay given Peter's fleeting response, with the sympathetic Felicia agreeing to stay. After directing Felicia to change out of her costume in case of a visiting Nurse, Mary Jane sits beside Peter's bed jokingly asking how many more past romances it would take to wake him up.

In an empty warehouse, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing attempt to apprehend Morbius while trying to talk down the wounded vampire. As Misty notes the injuries are more from what Beyond would inflict than Ben, Colleen is more perturbed by the orbiting hover-drones sent to record their capture of Morbius- demanding great compensation for her being monitored. Once Morbius is downed, Misty uses the Spider Straight-jacket Drone to contain him and promises to find treatment back at Beyond. Both are then greeted by Monica Rambeau destroying their drones, and asking quickly what they've uncovered while working inside Beyond. In town, Ben and Janine exit a movie theater to walk through a park as Janine voices her gratitude at having him to herself, angry at his joking at having a close call. With his honest apology, the two resume their romance and kiss alone in the park, unaware they aren't alone as Kraven stalks them within the trees, voicing to himself that their kiss will be a goodbye kiss.

Solicit Synopsis

• Ben Reilly's second real outing as Spider-Man pits him against MORBIUS, and it DOES NOT GO WELL!

• The full support of Beyond gets tested as Morbius puts the hurt on Spidey in a big way.

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