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Quote1.png Today the Thieves Guild is reborn! Quote2.png
-- Odessa Drake

Appearing in "Heist: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Heist: Part 1"

Odessa Drake, head of the New York Thieves Guild, is determined to bring her organization back to its former glory, and to make her feared again, she decides to steal superhero weapons and gadgets.

Peter and MJ are taking a walk and discussing that they both need to find work. Peter receives a call from Tony Stark who is gathering all the superheroes to look for the stolen items. After launching himself from a roof, Spider-Man discovers that they have stolen his Web-Shooters. Fortunately his fall is stopped by the Black Cat ... who then claws him on the face.

Solicit Synopsis

• The heist of the century is ON!

• Who are the Thieves Guild of New York?

• Spidey might dying trying to find out.

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