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Odessa Drake

Appearing in "Heist: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Heist: Part 1"

At a pricey New York club, a one Dave McCauley approached Odessa Drake with a business offer for substantial profit. However, after Odessa brought up his partners' "aggressive" practices and corrupt machinations, then presented that the club patrons were those who lost money under him. She revealed herself as head of the Thieves Guild to hold Dave on trial amid his victims in part for his failure to pay his dues. With his refusal to pay ten percent dues, he was left to face the wrath of the people, but his words of the Guild being myth inspired Odessa to "announce" their presence once more. A short time later, the Avengers old costumes in the mansion are found stolen by Jarvis and an intern.

Elsewhere, Peter and Mary Jane were in Brooklyn enjoying some treats while discussing his financial concerns as Robbie would not take him back. As Mary Jane is in the same boat after leaving Stark, she hoped to find something more permanent compared to her other previous gigs. Just then, Stark rang Spider-Man's phone, scaring the two thinking he was listening in. While the call started with Stark and Mary Jane trading barbs, Spider-Man asked the emergency and was texted an address to rendezvous with other heroes as other heroes were robbed: Stark's Iron man armory plundered, Cap's shield stolen, and one of Thor's hammers missing. With the call ended, Peter reluctantly left Mary Jane to get home safely, and she was surprisingly met by someone after he left.

Elsewhere, Odessa addressed her Guildmates, calling for their return to prominence due to other old orders having died, with gangsters and costumed madmen taking root. She also noted the superheroes and vigilantes escalate and make violent the once elegant art of clean thievery, so they will be struck first. Odessa ordered all guild members to steal from the Avengers, to prove their strength and have the guild reborn with the respect they are owed. The membership infiltrate and loot items of various vigilantes from Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto to Ghost Rider's car, to Punisher's armaments and Cyclops' visor. In New York, a dressed Spider-Man leapt to web swing, but found his Web-Shooters gone resulting in his plummeting down. He was serendipitously rescued by Black Cat, only for her to inform him of their "unfinished business" and then slashed his mask.

Solicit Synopsis

• The heist of the century is ON!

• Who are the Thieves Guild of New York?

• Spidey might dying trying to find out.

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