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Quote1.png Someday, Peter Parker, you're going to learn how to rest. If you don't, it's going to kill you. Quote2.png
Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Unnamed orderly (First and only known appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Peter Parker is relocated from the coma ward to a new hospital room, greeted by roommate Rico Sotomayor, talking about the recent baseball game. However, an unknown orderly enters to relocate him despite his already recent move-in. As Mary Jane arrives, both hear Rico's wife arrive demanding to see him, only for the same orderly to lie about Rico's whereabouts. Once Mary Jane tucks Peter in bed to rest, the orderly returns lying again that visiting hours ended due to "special circumstances". Seeing Peter asleep, Mary Jane tells him she'll look into these "circumstances".

After a while, Peter wakes up again to see another new roommate, Mrs. Haroian, complaining about being overdue for discharge as the same orderly arrives to take her away, and the pain from Peter's attempted intervention knocks him out again. Waking up later, the orderly finally comes for Peter, who demands answers as to why the orderly lied to Rico's wife and where he took both former patients. The unfazed orderly notes how "nosy" Peter is, increasing his medication dosage to render him unconscious so it would be easier for him to move Peter. Fading in and out, the orderly takes Peter further down the hospital, telling a drifting Peter that he'll sate his curiosity by showing him a special place that Peter may not like.

In a barely illuminated room under the hospital in a decommisioned operating room, the orderly reveals himself as a carnivorous monster, revealing it could only eat victims in the dark where its true shape can take form. As the creature also tells Peter that light burns it like wildfire, Mary Jane reveals herself and uses the flash on her phone to stun the monster. In pain, the monster lunges and knocks out her phone, forcing Mary Jane to move to a light switch Peter tells her is at the entrance to the room. Although caught, Mary Jane pains the monster long enough to flip the switch and pushes the on-button. With the monster incinerated by intense light, Peter faints not long after standing up, to which Mary Jane tells him to learn to rest or else he could kill himself.

Elsewhere in the Manhattan sewers, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight are in pursuit of a target assigned to them by Maxine Danger. As Misty wonders why they're even doing another mission for her, Colleen answers that she was offered the car, which Misty reminds her was destroyed. As Colleen counters that Beyond made another car like the one she totaled from the Obsidian Star incident[1], she took this job wanting that car and wanting to total it again. Immediately after finishing their banter, the tracker soon brings both heroines right onto their target of pursuit: The Lizard. The animalistic villain stands in a defensive manner, cornered at a sewer junction and ready to fight.

Solicit Synopsis

• Something horribly wrong is happening at the McCarthy Medical Center.

• Mary Jane Watson is trying to nurse the bedridden Peter Parker to health, but when Peter's roommate disappears, MJ has to step up.

• Can MJ and a nonmobile Peter get to the bottom of this hospital mystery?

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