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Quote1.png C'mon, Web-head! I know you're still there. I can't feel you... but I want to again. I NEED to. Whatever the cost... I can take it. Quote2.png
Peter Parker addressing his Spider-Sense

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Synopsis for 1st story

At Beyond Tower on the Penthouse floor in the Infinity Pool, Janine Godbe is happily reading about Ben's exploits on holo-projection articles of the Daily Bugle praising Spider-Man. Surprised to read Captain America is in town, Langston informs her that Captain America is heading to McCarthy Medical Institute to dedicate a new wing for first responders. Hearing this, Janine thinks quietly about the original Spider-Man being hospitalized and gets a text from Marcus relayed from Ben updating her on his well-being. With Langston acknowledging lights out curfew, Janine recalls how she never adjusted to that, soon rationalizing that whether or not someone was hero or villain that everyone is doing time somewhere.

At McCarthy, Peter's nurse Lois chides him on lazing about when he needs his physical therapy, so she leaves him a call button for when he's ready for therapy. Looking through his phone, he's happy to see a text by Mary Jane encouraging him to get his physical therapy, but slightly bothered that Felicia left a seductive note written in lipstick about liking to watch him sleep on the ceiling; hoping he won't be billed for the ceiling writing. Finding that he did other stuff in his morphine hazed delirium the night before, Peter's Spider-Sense stings out of control, similarly to how it felt after the U-Foes battle. Thinking on how Mary Jane asked he take time for himself and since Ben's death he never stood still, Peter fights through the agony of his Spider-Sense to tell it to get out. Finally down in his mindscape, his Spider-Sense manifests into abstract form and walks away.

Later, Lois finds Peter sitting in a chair across from his bed, she delivers a package he ordered and he promises to do his therapy once he gets up on his feet. In his Spider-Man costume again, Peter stretches to get his body limber before jumping head first to stop a car-jacking. However, with his online ordered gear is all Halloween festive coupled his Spider-Sense being unresponsive, Peter takes a beating by two human carjackers. Hearing NYPD radio report backup en route, Peter is relieved to see Captain America help, but his shield strikes Peter in the face when stopping a bullet from hitting him, as Cap usually expects Spider-Man to dodge projectiles. With failing to stop a simple carjacking, Peter realizes he didn't recover enough and went out too early.

Dreaming of himself as a boy when he had a fever, Peter recalls Aunt May's strictness after he stole a pack of bubblegum. She notes his fever is reduced and the medicine she gave him reduced his sense of pain, telling him it is still there but unnoticed unless he wants to feel it. After she leaves, Peter realizes he's in a dream of a memory seeing his Spider-Sense in the for of his Spider-Man persona made entirely of webbing. Refusing to take it back in fear of the pain, Uncle Ben enters the room to tell Peter that hiding won't work. Gifting Peter the bubblegum he stole, Ben gives Peter a talk about how being a good person doesn't bring a reward most of the time, it almost always costs something, handing Peter his Captain America figure to tie-in the analogy.

Whether the cost, Ben continues on that being a good person means soldering on through long harsh marches, deciding everyday if one is willing to take on the pain and willing to pay the price to be strong. With such lessons being hard-fought and hard-won, Ben asks Peter never to forget that and Peter promises to remember that until the day he dies. Alone again later, Peter pops a bubble readying himself before calling on his manifested Spider-Sense, telling it to return as he is ready to take the pain. Bonded once more to the Spider-Sense, Peter reminds himself never to give up, awakening in his real world hospital bed shouting "NEVER" in maintained focus to his promise to Uncle Ben. Conscious once again, Peter presses the call button to signal to Lois he is ready to begin his work on physical therapy.

Solicit Synopsis

• The creator behind the biggest cover in the last decade is going to show you what he can do with one of the biggest Spider-Moments in decades, as Patrick Gleason writes and draws this issue.

• The Web-Head is facing unbeatable odds again. Can he rise to the occasion and save the day?

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