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Quote1.png I'm a monster who has hurt many, and I know my own kind. These people and their machinations run deep, and you would do well to be aware. Quote2.png
Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)

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Sedating Luis and taking his ID card, Doctor Octopus calms a witness by telling her events taking place are a drill and that he is a doctor; omitting his specialty isn't really in medicine. Working his way through R&D, Doc Ock confirms what he found on the hard drive: The Beyond Corporation is reverse engineering his technologies from his time utilizing Parker Industries. Although swearing to focus on exposing them, he cannot help but find more disturbing things with each door he opens, feeling his genius mocked at every turn. Many floors later, Doc Ock soon encounters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing after finding the hangover pills; Misty delivering a bad pun tired from training.

As Ben makes his way to Beyond HQ as Spider-Man, Marcus warns Ben against pushing the glide pack harder than he is with the growing risk it could blow up on him. Ben surprises Marcus telling him he added afterburners, and Ben asks all shutters to auto-open on his bio-signature, as he'll need to come in fast and hot to attack Doc Ock aiming to end his assault. Once Doc Ock defeats Misty and Colleen, he locks them in a storeroom while he makes his way to Maxine's office. As she refuses to go to her safe room, feeling Doc Ock's arrival is nothing but a tantrum, Otto arrives and easily knocks out her security detail.

Breaching her office, Doc Ock voices his intent to take back the Spider-Man tech, with Maxine snidely insulting his motivation for his attack. Angering him further in feigned ignorance, Doc Ock goes for the kill only to be intercepted and stopped by Spider-Man. Their fight spills into the hallway, where Ben is distracted trying to talk Dr. Ashley Kafka to get somewhere else, blindsided before leading Doc Ock to his last resort: a room with Doc Ock counteraction devices. With an EM rifle and the Spinerrete capture harness, Ben strikes Doc Ock and voices how he's worked hard to show he's earned everything he has.

When Doc Ock detaches his mechanical arms, Ben isn't fooled and tosses them to the wall before the detonate, using the massive hole made to slingshot him and Otto onto another roof. As Ben asks if Otto got what he wanted, he berates him as nothing more than a leashed pet for Beyond to control. Ben attacks him, reiterating that he will prove to everyone that he is here for a reason, but Otto comes clean and admits that Ben wasn't chosen like he thinks. With the data drive, Otto found that Beyond selected Ben because he was psychologically compromised, and disabled the security functions so everything will read as unopened.

Distrusting, Ben slowly finds the details inside compelling as Otto tells him about Beyond's psych profile on Ben, and should he feel deceived then Otto welcomes him to find him again with Beyond's further help; telling Ben to enjoy his "win". back in Maxine's office, he lies and explains that the data drive was destroyed by Otto's arms when they exploded before their fight led to an adjourning building. While disappointed, Maxine is relieved the drive was destroyed but is caught by surprise with Ben's asking why Beyond chose him, but she straight-faced answers that it was his strong will and determination.

Ben thanks her and takes his leave, not really believing her, and heads home to see Janine. Welcomed back, Janine starts off informing Ben about the meal he missed before stopping to inquire his well-being. Ben tells her he's alright and asks she wash his mask, letting her know he's off to take the world's longest shower. In the shower room, Ben reiterates his cleaning up, shattering the the mirror and stating he'll be brand-new man. Eying his shattered reflection with no face, seemingly embracing a dark mentality.

Solicit Synopsis


• It's going to take everything Ben Reilly and the company that backs him has to stop Otto Octavius.

• But, in the Merry Marvel fashion and as with all respectable Spider-Stories, even if Spider-Man wins, he is going to lose. And he is going to lose BIG.

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