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Quote1.png So what do you say, Spider? Wanna help me pull off the Heist of the Heist of the Century? Quote2.png
Black Cat

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Synopsis for "Heist: Part 2"

The Thieves Guild stole the Fantasticar, both Hawkeyes' quivers, and Tippy-Toe from Squirrel Girl in New York. Landing atop a roof, Felicia elaborated her attack was because of his spontaneous arrival at her place acting flirtatiously creepy. Peter explained his duplicate and their behavior, but she stopped him to explain she knew who was stealing superhero property. But to explain, Felicia had to let Peter hitch a ride on her back to a location.

At a coffee shop in Smorgasburg, Mary Jane was invited by a returned Carlie Cooper. Considering Mary Jane's renewed romance, Carlie wanted to provide a support structure for her with Peter's activity as Spider-Man, so she invited her to a meeting that night with The Lookups. There, she can talk freely about his activities as Spider-Man, as can other people close to other superheroes with anonymity. Given her trust in Peter and the worries she has, Carlie still held out an invitation, knowing Mary Jane could benefit from talking to someone.

After an awkward swing through the city, Felicia brought Peter to the Thieves Guild fountain, where Felicia accompanied her father as he paid his dues when she was little. Felicia explained what was known about the Guild, how thieves of New York's past always paid their dues until organized crime and super villainy became the new normal. But with Odessa as the new leader, Felicia felt she was going too far for their comeback. As a member in good standing who wanted to help, knowing where the stolen items are located.

At Saint Joseph Cathedral, a reluctant Mary Jane entered for the Lookups meeting, only to be startled by security drones, who stood down as she wasn't a threat. Greeted by Jarvis, he elaborated his establishing Lookups given his own emotional and physical trauma living alongside the Avengers, and wanted to help others like him. Using various resources from different Avengers to conceal faces and erase short term memory, each participant can open themselves but forget the others just after the meetings. Reticent and not the confessional type, she stayed upon Jarvis' endorsement as there was still time to choose.

Arriving Uptown, Spider-Man followed Black Cat's lead with infiltrating the Thieves Guild storehouse and helped to rip off the vault door. Inside, they located the stolen items and Spider-Man recovered his web-shooters. But Felicia informed him of her finder's fee of half of all materials. Initially in disbelief, Black Cat voiced her severity as superhero belongings fetch substantial prices. However, their discussion until Odessa and her followers interrupt to show they are surrounded.

Solicit Synopsis

• There’s been a major theft the likes of which we’ve never seen and for once, The Black Cat didn’t do it.

• But Spider-Man might need the help of his once-foe-once-friend-once-crime-boss Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat!


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