Quote1 So what do you say, Spider? Wanna help me pull off the Heist of the Heist of the Century? Quote2
-- Black Cat

Appearing in "Heist: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Heist: Part 2"

Spidey believes that Felicia has returned to being evil, but she tells him that he just wanted to take revenge on him who had tried to tow her. Peter realizes that it was the work of his duplicate and explains it to the cat, who claims to know who took the superheroes' objects, and asks him for help to recover them. The spider agrees thus hoping to regain the trust of the other superheroes. Meanwhile, MJ has a coffee with Carlie Cooper back in town, and she talks to him about a support group for relatives and superhero friends with whom the redhead decides to join. Meanwhile, the cat and the spider reach the headquarters of the Thieves Guild, and after she has told him the story, the two infiltrate it. Once the loot is found, a dispute breaks out between the two: Peter wants to return all the stolen goods, while Felicia wants to keep half of it, but before they can resolve the matter they are surrounded by guild members.

Solicit Synopsis

• There’s been a major theft the likes of which we’ve never seen and for once, The Black Cat didn’t do it.

• But Spider-Man might need the help of his once-foe-once-friend-once-crime-boss Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat!


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