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Quote1.png I'm not worried about you getting hurt. I'm worried about what you'll see. You're the reason I bought that mansion. Capped my teeth. I wanted to be a calmer man. I wanted to be your dad. But now I gotta protect what's mine. The only way I know how to do that is ugly. You think you wanna stick around to help me, but the man who's gonna handle this... he's not your dad. Quote2.png

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Answering a knock on the door believing it to be another debt collector, Peter is surprised to see Norman instead, himself seeing things going normal for Peter. Entering his apartment anyway, Norman comments on Peter's past inability to profit off his potential and alluding to a solution in the form of a job offer. Although Peter is reticent to take any offer, Norman reassures him he's stable since his deep cleanse[1] and the help he gave Peter during his mission many weeks earlier. As Peter "owes" Norman, he is told to meet him at 2:30pm at an address his people will relay later on, stressing that Peter not be late.

Arriving five minutes late, Norman also arrives having factored Peter's usual tardiness and assigns him to babysit Normie & Stanley as Liz is busy with work and Norman is set to look at office spaces today. Norman departs telling Peter that they'll be home at 5pm for dinner, telling Peter he'll do great despite the suddenness of the drop off. At the 114th Street safe house, Janice checks on her father Tombstone after The Rose blew up his mansion. When Tombstone asks her to let him handle the incoming gang war, she is initially offended until he explains that he has made great strides to being her father in her public life, but what he must do next is ugly and does not want her to see. Understanding, Janice concedes and takes her leave, and Tombstone later uses pliers to sharpen his teeth as they once were, begrudging at having paid $2000 per tooth to cap them.

Elsewhere around evening time, Peter dropped off Normie and Stanley then called Norman to detail the events of his babysitting before rushing the end of the call. Peter then heads into a blind alley to suit up as Spider-Man, and finds Stanley hid the second pudding in his backpack beside his mask. In a warehouse on the Harlem docks, White Rabbit orders Kareem to load up gear from Mysterio and Electro into a car in preparations for war, and they're found by Spider-Man. However, Kareem refuses to shoot him after being pulled from a burning car,[2] and Spider-Man logics a way to get White Rabbit to tell him where to find Tombstone. Relenting, she directs him to 106th and 2nd, but Spider-Man doesn't keep his end and webs them for the cops to arrest, but after he leaves does White Rabbit reveal to Kareem that she lied.

Meanwhile in the Upper East Side, Crime Master returns to his office with remarks of supplying Tombstone and Rose their guns. However, Tombstone surprises Crime Master by telling him that he won't accept neutral parties, and also for Crime Master's prior support of Rose's appeal for territory. Imposing the message that Rose will not be recognized, Tombstone orders Crime Master to call his men as he wants to make a show out of what comes next. As Spider-Man makes his way to the location, thinking of reasons why he hasn't been to the Upper East Side, he arrives on scene only to find Tombstone having massacred Crime Master's men, exhausted from the effort. Confused as to Spider-Man's inquiry of the scene, Tombstone ponders if Parker even relayed his message and just tells Spider-Man that he's reasserting his dominance on the criminal underworld after the deal Spider-Man broke up made his position as a businessman be called into question.

As Tombstone takes the last truck of guns with the aim to make an example out of Crime Master, Spider-Man immediately jumps in to attack Tombstone. As Spider-Man attacks, Tombstone knocks the wind out of him with one punch, having actually goaded Spider-Man into entrapping himself in an enclosing space cabin. Caught, Spider-Man attempts to overpower as best he can but Tombstone bearhugs him into passing out. Outside, the driver pulls the ruck into a Harlem warehouse and White Rabbit closes the door behind them, laying open the trap when she fed Spider-Man the address.

Solicit Synopsis

• The best couple in comics is done?

• You aren't going to believe what is happening in this volume of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.


  • Although Mary Jane is on the cover, she is fully absent from the story in the issue.

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