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Quote1 How long has it been? Since Ms. Marvel... Kamala... gave her life to save MJ? To save all of us? Black Cat is right. She'd want us to go on. Keep fighting the good fight. And I will. For her. Eventually. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

After Ms. Marvel's death, Black Cat tries to distract Spider-Man, luring Shocker into a trap and capturing him with her. Since it's a quiet night, Peter comes home still depressed. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus recovers his old tentacles and decides to destroy them, for having helped Spider-Man, given that he has now created a new model. The tentacles, however, manage to escape and take refuge with J. Jonah Jameson, while Queen Goblin resurrects.

Solicit Synopsis

• Grief looms over Peter after last issue’s shocking death!

• Spider-Man’s villains are more than happy to keep him distracted…

• Your eyes don’t deceive you, DOCTOR OCTOPUS IS BACK!

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