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Quote1.png Keep going Peter. This is the kind of fight you don't get to stop. Not until it's done. And everybody is safe. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for 1st story

In her SoHo apartment, Mary Jane puts to bed her "daughter" Romy but is met by the surprise arrival of Black Cat. Apologetic for the intrusion, Felicia asks if she'd heard from Peter, and Mary Jane lies that she hasn't been contacted. Felicia explains she's heard rumblings but decides to leave not wanting to worry her. Romy asks Mary Jane about Felicia, calling her a friend from a long time ago. Back in the tunnel, Spider-Man plans to time his Spider-Sense to evade the gunshot, but it doesn't warn him even as the trigger finger starts to pull. However, Kareem arrives to save a struggling Spider-Man and frees him from his bindings. Explaining his gratitude for his rescue from a burning car,[1] Kareem informs Spider-Man that Tombstone's plan will soon commence, cautioning him as the crazies of the gang volunteered.

Elsewhere in Harlem, White Rabbit brings Robbie into Tombstone's safe house to meet the gangster, who comments on Robbie's past refusal to be his friend and his feelings at Randy's marriage to Janice will make people "talk", thus Robbie is "a loose end." Escaping the tunnel through a sealed vault door, Spider-Man takes down the guards racing him before rushing out to stop the massacre and questions how to save Robbie as well. As Randy and Janice exit the Lincoln Tunnel worried for his father, Randy gets a call from Peter to find his dad in Tombstone's custody. As he resumes fighting, Spider-Man forces himself not to focus on the possible bad outcomes, focusing only on stopping the threat.

While Janice speeds her car to Tombstone's safe house, Spider-Man systematically apprehends scores of goons as Randy races up to find his dad with Tombstone. After all the gunfire and taking down goons, Spider-Man finds the real Rose at the end of his warpath, realizing he was duped into winning Tombstone's war FOR him, and there would be no massacre. Concurrently, Randy finds Robbie safe after hearing Alonzo (Tombstone) detail the engagement, happy for his son, and Janice races in shortly afterward only to find nothing wrong. Whispering to each other, Janice inquired about his gang war, to which Tombstone retorts he took her advice and left the situation to the "proper authorities." At Rose's hideout, Spider-Man slumps at the window as the NYPD arrives on the scene and Tombstone laughs to himself.

Solicit Synopsis

• After what just happened with Tombstone, Spider-Man still has to fight a whole well-armed gang to save dozens of innocent New Yorkers.

• With his spider-powers, he can probably take ten or fifteen of them, right? What if there's thirty of them?

• ASM #900 is almost here!

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