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Quote1.png Now, Creed, we have to regain that piece of the M'kraan Crystal -- and rescue Magneto and my brother -- and then we do what the X-Men have always done. We give our all... our lives. To make sure this is the day Apocalypse falls. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "On Consecrated Ground"

The Madri are amazed that Bishop has survived the Shadow King and they continue their ritual of purification of him with Apocalypse's blood. Storm stops them and freezes the blood. She hits them with a wind and quickly frees Bishop. Banshee and Quicksilver sneak into the temple and knock out a guard. They then find Jamie Madrox and he has lost his mind. He admits that the Madri are duplicates of him and that they can be stopped if the X-Men kill him.

At the X-Mansion, the other teams of mutants all arrive and Rogue looks for her son. The head into the tunnels and find Gambit and the X-Ternals. They do not have Charles but they do know what happened to him. Rogue knocks Gambit out of the tunnels and says he must tell her what happened to Charles or she will kill him.

Meanwhile, Abyss appears suddenly and attacks Banshee and Quicksilver. He tells them they are going to lose and Banshee attacks by flying into his void and using his sonic scream as loud as he can. Abyss screams and the entire temple begins to collapse. Quicksilver takes Jamie Madrox outside and he finally gives in and dies and the Madri stop fighting suddenly. The team gather outside and head to the X-Mansion.

The teams at the mansion get caught up on all that has transpired during the course of their assignments. Gambit admits that Strong Guy took Rogue's son, Charles. Nightcrawler appears with Destiny and the rest of the X-Men arrive with Bishop. They all begin to decide what their next assignment is and they realize they must rescue Magneto and Charles and recover the M'Kraan crystal shard that was lost.


  • The "Age of Apocalypse" takes place in the Earth-295 alternate reality.
  • This is the final story of this X-Men limited series.

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