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Quote1.png Once upon a time, there was a mutant named Kurt Wagner. Nightcrawler. He was an Uncanny X-Man. A swashbuckling hero. A man of God. He went on countless grand adventures, across this world and many others. But then one day... Nightcrawler died. And his story ended, forevermore. The End. Unless... unless sometimes endings are really just the beginning... of something new. Something even more... Amazing. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Quest for Nightcrawler: Part 1 of 5"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Bamfs
  • Nightcrawler's Friend


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Quest for Nightcrawler: Part 1 of 5"

Once there was a mutant. His name was Kurt Wagner, but the world knew him as...NIGHTCRAWLER. A demon-looking yet good-natured young person, Nightcrawler was a "bamfer" (teleporter), a fugitive, a circus freak, and a Roman Catholic man of God that would even become a priest at one point. Tragically, Nightcrawler would die trying to save the Mutant Messiah - Hope Summers - from the wrath of the now-also dead Bastion. But three Earth-1218 years later... that will all change. What if Nightcrawler could come back from the afterlife?

Following the Battle of the Atom, Wolverine and his X-Men will figure it out themselves, with Firestar now at their side. Nightcrawler, now lonesomely residing in Heaven despite enjoying it there, keeps on thinking he has unfinished business on Earth. He is then attacked there by his father, Azazel, who uses his connection to Kurt to get into paradise. He finds a way via the Bamfs to contact the Jean Grey X-Men and does so. Knowing they can also resurrect him and bring him back to the school to combat Cyclops, some of them - Wolverine, Northstar, Storm, Iceman, and Firestar - go immediately.


  • Cover art: Nowlan variant cover has Nowlan pencils, inks and colours.[1]
  • Doop translation: [Doop to Karakoa]: “I told you Krakoa, no trees in the hallway. Now get it out of here or I chop myself a new armor.

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