Amazo was an stage illusionist who was active in the 1940s. He worked for producer Jim Markham, who cancelled Amazo's show in 1946. Driven insane by this, Amazo then kidnapped Markham with the intention of torturing and killing him.

As coincidence would have it, Amazo was interrupted by a visit from Jeff Mace and Fred Davis Jr.. The pair were attempting to call on the parents of one of Jeff' students whose grades were failing. They were unaware that the student had given them the wrong address in order to avoid trouble. Amazo, not wishing to be disturbed told the two men that he would tell his "son" to study better and slammed the door in their face. Down the street Jeff and Fred ran into the student and learned the truth and doubled back to find out what was going on at the house.

They arrived just as Amazo began his torture of Markham, forcing him into a wicker basket and stabbing swords into it. Unaware that the basket had a false bottom and Markham was dropped into the basement, Jeff and Fred attacked as Captain America and Bucky. During the fight Amazo made Bucky disappear under his cape (another trap door trick) and then seemingly disappeared before Captain America's eyes (through yet another trap door). Cap was soon waylaid by one of Amazo's men hiding in a suit of armor and tied up in the basement with Amazo's other prisoners.

There Amazo explained his revenge scheme and how his tricks worked. This gave Captain America enough time to free himself and attack. The fight was brief as Amazo made the mistake of grabbing a prop gun that only shot flowers and was quickly knocked out and turned over to the authorities. [1]


Amazo is an illusionist and his house is rigged with a number of trap doors to make it appear as though people have vanished.

Other non-magical stage or carnival magicians:Moudini,Mysto the Magician,Marko(Terry Vance foe)[[1]],Master Magician(Tehru) and the Trump(Carlton Sanders).

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