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Amber was one of 19 young mutants who were accepted to Empire State University when that institution actively opened its doors to mutants. Her power consisted into shape-shifting which manifested usually during her dreams, according to her parents' observations.

Amber avoided joining the local Students for Tolerance group ran by Gigi Martin, as well as the fringe Magnetic North, and claimed to have joined the university for the free education, and only joined the chess club.

Amber met Chamber, who had recently enrolled at ESU. She noticed his attraction to Gigi Martin, and cautioned him about getting involved with her.[1]

Chamber met with Amber and revealed to her that he was one of the X-Men, having gone undercover to learn how six of the mutant classmates had died.[2]

Later, he visited her dorm room and briefly saw her in her form as a beautiful blonde woman. Amber claimed that that person was her roommate. She assisted him in investigating the mutant-hate group Purity, using her computer, and managed to track down one of the group's members.

Later that evening, Chamber entered Amber's room from her window and again beheld her as her "roommate". Amber quickly covered for herself claiming that she had changed rooms. Chamber revealed to her that the man from Purity said that the killer of the six students was a mutant himself. The next day, Amber accompanied Chamber to the scene of the murders. Guessing that a member of Magnetic North might be behind the murders, Chamber was just setting off to see them when Amber kissed him. Chamber reacted badly to this, as he only thought of Amber as a friend. Hurt, Amber told him to leave.[3]

After learning from Magnetic North that the mutant who killed the others was, in fact, Gigi Martin's boyfriend and co-founder of the Student for Tolerance: Alex, he broke into Gigi's office to find her holding a gun on Amber, trying to coerce Amber into staying out of the investigation. Having realized what Amber's power was, Chamber communicated with her telepathically, and had her assume the form of Gigi's dead lover Alex. This distracted Gigi long enough for Chamber to disarm her, ending the crisis.[4]

With the case solved, Amber explained to Chamber that her "roommate's" form was one she must have dreamed about. Impressed with her looks, Chamber tried to kiss her, but she responded by slapping him. Indignant that even someone as unusual as him could be so ruled by appearances, she thanked him for saving her life, but asked to never see him again.

Chamber later learned that all of the mutant students had been expelled from ESU except for Amber. He felt she would be an excellent ambassador to humanity.[4]

Her current whereabouts are unknown, including if she kept her powers after M-Day or not.



Amber possesses an unusual appearance, with a fin on the back of her head and scales covering her body. She also possesses the ability to shapeshift. This ability commonly manifests itself in her sleep, when she assumes the form of a normal, beautiful young woman, her fantasy ideal.

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