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Amber Griffen[src]


Amber Griffen was the daughter of Ryan Griffen, a member of the US Secret Service. As a child, Amber struggled in school and eventually transferred to a new one. On her first day, her father was killed by X-23 on her first mission.[1]

Years later, Amber joined the Orphans of X, an organization consisting of surviving family members to those killed by products of the Weapon X program. She became romantically involved with Henry Sutter, another member orphaned by X-23. The Orphans of X were enraged when Laura Kinney (now going by Wolverine) was publicly honored as a hero for her role in saving the residents of Roosevelt Island, and made it their mission to hunt down and kill the remaining Wolverines. Amber and Henry promised each other that when they killed X-23, they would pull the trigger together.[2]

The Orphans of X successfully hunted down and killed Old Man Logan, Daken, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike using Muramasa Bullets, which their healing factors were powerless against. Laura and her clone "sister", Gabby, tracked down the four killed and were able to revive them by cutting away the damaged tissue and letting them heal normally. Soon after, Laura confronted the Orphans of X, wearing the Muramasa Armor, which made her impervious to their bullets. However, Laura removed her armor and was made vulnerable before them. She forced Henry to admit his father's role in her upbringing (something he'd neglected to tell Amber) and calmly stated that she no longer held herself responsible for the murders she'd been forced to commit as an exploited child. Laura managed to convince Amber and the other Orphans that they were all victims of the same system and promised to help them track down and bring to justice every person who'd paid for her services as an assassin, proclaiming herself to be an Orphan of X.[3]

Some time later, Laura visited Amber to tell her she'd tracked down Chad Newman, the man who'd ordered the hit on Senator Greg Johnson, which led to Amber's father being killed. Amber and Laura traveled to Vanuatu, where Newman had fled after the assassination. Newman immediately was made aware of Amber's arrival and ordered his guards to take her into custody, which they did. After Laura tracked them down, Newman recognized her and threatened to fire on civilians unless she stood down. It was then that Amber revealed that X-23 had not come back for revenge, but she had. Amber electrocuted him while Laura immobilized the guards and they both stuffed Newman in a suitcase. They hauled the suitcase onto a speed boat and drove into international water, preparing to be picked up. Before turning in Newman, Amber took out a pair to boots to use to stomp on him with. She also invited Laura to join, reasoning that he had played a role in destroying both of their childhoods, and they opened the suitcase and stomped on him together.[1]

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