Amberson Osborn was the father of Norman Osborn who beat him when he was a child for taking his tools. When Norman was an adult he gained the Infinity Gauntlet and after using it to conquer the world, he brought his father forward in time to show him what he had become. Norman first showed Amberson a simulation of the Siege of Asgard, where he used the gauntlet to kill the heroes. Amberson berated his son for becoming a tyrant so he showed him what he had done to Spider-Man, this angered Amberson even further so Norman used the gauntlet to make Amberson love what he had become. Thanos arrived to claim the gauntlet and told Norman that no one could truly love him from the power of the gauntlet and Norman killed Thanos. In response to Thanos' words Amberson told Norman he would always love him, but this angered Norman as he wanted to be loved for his accomplishments and so killed Amberson by wiping him from existence in all of time and space, thus removing Norman as well.[1]

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