Eleven was created in the late 37th century by the Askani as a prototype for the Ambient-Energy Dampening Automated peacekeeping Mechanisms (ADAMs). Only one other ADAM unit was known: Zero, who was found by Stryfe and worked for the New Canaanites.[1]

At some point, Eleven was found by members of the Clan Chosen and battled with them against the New Canaanites and Scions of the High Lord, groups that wished to claim Apocalypse's power after his defeat by the Askani'son.[2]

Cable brought his Six Pack teammate Kane to the future and left him with the Clan Chosen, while waiting for Cable to return. Cable returned to Kane in Applecrust and aided the Clan Chosen in battling a group of Flatliners. The Clan Chosen decided to send Kane home and destroy the Tinex, the time-travel nexus, within Niagara Falls.[3]


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