The past history of Zero of Earth-21993 mirrors that of his Earth-4935 counterpart. However, the divergence would occur when Charles Xavier would return from space following his captivity at the hands of the Skrulls. Ultimately, Xavier would be murdered by the MLF's primary enemy Cable. In the wake of Xavier's death the Mutant Liberation Front would ramp up it's acts of terror against humanity.

Like in most realities, Zero would be charged with teleporting members of the Mutant Liberation Front to and from battles. He was seen teleporting the MLF out of the X-Mansion after an attack on the X-Men.[1]

When Magneto would seek to take over America, he would meet with various mutants to get them to unite into a single army. He would approach Stryfe, who would not agree and Magneto would kill him. Zero would be among the MLF that Magneto would offer an ultimatum: join him or die.[2] Zero has not been seen since, his ultimate fate remains unrevealed.

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