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Amy Chen was born in Vietnam and sold to slavery as an infant. She grew up in field labor, abused and molested by her owner. As a preteen, she killed the owner and escaped. Her activities for the next several years are unknown. She resurfaces in her late teenage years as a Bangkok bar girl.[citation needed]

She had a reputation for killing several men on different occasions. This brought her to the attention of a local guild of assassins. She was recruited and trained to become a professional assassin. She rose to become one of the most skilled assassins active in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). She also gained a reputation for her unique way of expressing dissatisfaction with any given employer or guild leader. Killing them and then moving on elsewhere.[citation needed]

She eventually joined the 1400 Club, the guild led by the Foreigner. She respected the man enough to not kill him. But left the Club along with four other female assassins (Maria, Roberta, Sheila, and Sophia). They formed their own guild. Amy had the most independence ever allowed to her. She enjoyed it for a few years before taking a job offer from Silver Sable and becoming a mercenary.[citation needed]

Amy Chen allied with Silver Sable and Victorius when they were trying to bring Doctor Doom back to Latveria. They fought against Doom and Blue Marvel and Doctor Doom broke Amy's neck during the confrontation.[1]



Chen is a highly-skilled assassin, and is especially proficient with blades


Amy Chen is strongly hinted to be a lesbian. Her fierce loyalty to Sable and tendency to call her "M'lady", an expression Amy also used for former lovers, implied that her main love interest was her boss. Which did not prevent her from open admiration of Lightbright.

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