Amelia Voght is a former nurse that helped Professor X to recover from the injury that took the use of his legs. The two had a great friendship until they had an argument even before he founded the Original X-Men. Amelia then became a member of the Acolytes and was offered a place to live in Asteroid M as a project of Magneto for mutants to fearlessly live. When Fabian Cortez decided to overrule Asteroid M, which brought Magneto to his apparent death, Magneto had survived. She then teamed up with the X-Men and took revenge on him, destroying Asteroid M. After the incident, Amelia went back to Earth and continued her nursing career as her mother wanted her to. It was also revealed that she once had affections for Professor X. She also once worked in Moira MacTaggert's Muir Island facility. They then encountered the Phalanx after some events. Amelia then teamed up with the X-Men and she probably went to Muir Island after that.


Seemingly those of Amelia Voght (Earth-616)#Powers.

Amelia was created by Scott Lobdell and John Romita Jr.. During her first comic book appearance, she was a former student of Professor X who refused to join his Original X-Men. However, as she reappeared in the pages of the comic books, her origin was revised to a nurse to Professor X.

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